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Show me your lovely linoleum!!

posted by: purrus on 04.03.2013 at 05:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

I would love to see some pictures of splendid linoleum floors. We have old lino down now, and it has asbestos underlayment so unfortunately the expensive involved with taking it up is prohibitive as we are doing the rest of the $$$ kitchen remodel.

So, I am thinking either cork or linoleum will be our most realistic options. I haven't loved the cork I've seen (and have concerns about it blending with my existing hardwoods), so I would like to do some research on linoleum. Thanks!!


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Show me your undersink drawers!

posted by: Peke on 01.29.2013 at 10:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

If anyone has pictures of drawers under the sink instead of the usual doors, I would love to see them.

Thanks, Peke


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Where do you prefer your spices? LAYOUT

posted by: 2LittleFishies on 03.21.2012 at 10:37 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm planning the kitchen and am wondering if I should put my spices in the island where I'll be prepping, near the stove or in the pantry?

This is only the first draft... There will be changes- Of course if you see any issues feel free to comment.



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Where do you stash your stockpot(s)?

posted by: purrus on 04.05.2013 at 09:49 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone,
In our remodel we are having all lower drawers and not cabinets except for one bank, because of my two stockpots. However, I am rethinking this--I hate to give up a couple of lower drawers because of my stockpots. I wonder where other GWers store their stockpots, since I know this is a drawer-loving crowd.

I am thinking that I might get rid of the really huge one, since I almost never use it. The other one could just go in the bottom of one of the pantries surrounding the fridge. Then, I could have all my drawers. :)




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Not-nearly-done-but-since-you-asked pics

posted by: breezygirl on 01.13.2012 at 08:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks to everyone who keeps asking me for new photos of the kitchen! We still have miles to go, as you can see.

Not done:
light fixtures
knobs on uppers
pantry door handle
drywall repair around outlets
kitchen table, banquette, chairs
DR chandy
DR chairs

Excuse any dirt or mess you see in the backgrounds!


Perimeter: Carrara marble, honed 4cm
Island: Black Walnut
Custom Cabinets: Cornerstone Cabinetry, painted BM Simply White
Hardware: Restoration Hardware Aubrey pulls, 4', 6' and 8'
Rangetop: 36' 6 burner Capital Culinarian
Hood: Rangecraft, Viser model
Fridge: KA built-in
MW: Sharp 24' drawer
Sinks: Blanco silgranit in metallic gray
Faucets: Hansgrohe high-arc










From the Dining Room.


Closeup of beverage serving area. (Wow, that's a lot of booze. We're really not alcoholics!) We entertain a lot so I plan to set up beverages, which end up to mostly non-alocholic, here. I rotated this in photobucket, but it shows here the other direction.


I bought these pendants on sale and plan to do a DIY mercury glass technique on them to see if I can cut the glare but not make them look cheap. If they don't work, then I'm not out much and will continue the hunt.


I'll put a link to my photobucket album with more pics. My flickr account was full so the album will only have pics since we moved back in.

Oh, and I said I'd post some pics of the new cats, too. That's next!

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics


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I Finished my White Zen Kitchen!

posted by: celineike on 07.10.2011 at 05:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ahhhh, it's good to be done.
What fun this whole process has been!
Here's the low down.

We had a slab leak in February. The entire downstairs had wood floors and water had been leaking into them for weeks/months? we don't know. But long enough that the walls and cabinets were wet as well. So they gutted and we got to work.
Our old kitchen was a dark place for me. We have north facing window and the light was always dim. We also had light wood cabinets and dark greenish black granite (Uba Tuba?) on the counters, island and backsplash!!!! ugh! what a light sucker that was!

I had always known that if we changed the kitchen it would be to white. I know people say timeless doesn't exist in kitchens... but every decade I can think of has had white as an option. So I never thought of this a trendy thing. -til i got here, lol.
Anyway, White cabs and grey counters were the only things I had in mind for sure. The rest fell into place the more I looked around and if you see a part of your kitchen in here... THANK YOU!!!! I stole SO many details from GWer's.

Apparently we have a small kitchen,lol... didn't think so til i got here either, it's 13'x12'

Counters.... Qortstone perimeters in Cemento
Island & Bar is Statuary Marble
Butcher Block on Island.... oiled Dark Walnut End-Grain 18"x38"
Cabinets .... shaker, inset, framed
Paint on Cabs ...BM Cloud White
Paint on Walls ... BM Smokey Taupe
Hardware is mostly RH & Rejuvenation for the Latches (way worth that investment!) All Polished Nickel
Island now measures 38"x 84"
walkways are 38" on sink side; 42" on oven side; and 36" on fridge side... all plenty wide, i was worried about pushing these measurements.
Bluestar RNB 36"
Proline 36" Hood
Sharp MW Drawer
Kenmore Elite French door Fridge
Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer Washer
Sink.. Krauss 33" double Bowl Stainless
Main Faucet is Hansgrohe Pull Down PN

way before

and after...


Fridge wall, Appliance garage on right and coffee station on left

Island with BB and Rubbish/Recycling Bins/drawers - love these!

Bluestar tee hee

I'll post some more pics of fun details. Things i liked seeing from other's kitchens and ended up adding to mine.

At one point, I had chosen everything and had a huge set back of worry that the whole thing would be boring instead of calm and bright and peaceful. Thank you all for your encouragement and opinions on various choices and ideas. This is such great forum with wonderful people.
I love how my kitchen turned out!



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Enclosing trash cans in cabinets? Inconvenient hassle?

posted by: caveman_mike on 02.23.2013 at 01:55 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm really torn:

On one hand, from an appearance standpoint, it would be nice to have one of those pull out trash & recycle cans hidden inside the lower kitchen cabinets.

On the other hand, from a convenience perspective, it's really nice to walk over, press the pedal on the stainless steel can, have its lid open, and toss in the trash.

Being kind of a germ-a-phobe, I don't know that I want to keep touching the knob of the counter as I'm cutting up fruit, and preparing food.

Also, sometimes, I don't empty the garbage every day. Sometimes, I notice it smelling and then empty it. I don't know I'd want to stink up my new cabinets.

And, if I'm sliding fruit or something off a cutting board into the trashh can, I can image me sometimes missing, and it ending up not in the bag in the pull-out.

With all that said, it seems for me and my tastes, not enclosing the garbage and recyclables seems like a better idea.

Any other considerations which might influence me?



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