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Nice deep simple bathtub without the bells & whistles?

posted by: bevangel on 09.18.2007 at 01:27 am in Bathrooms Forum

Help, can anybody direct me to a manufacturer who makes a nice deep, extra-long, drop-in bath tub that does NOT have whirlpool jets, air-bubblers, a built-in stereo systems, or any other bells and whistles???

I detest taking a bath in a tub with jets even when the jets turned off. It is probably all in my mind but I feel like the jets can never REALLY be cleaned from the last user. It's a weird phobia, I know but...

I'm alreadying planning to put a clawfoot tub in another of my bathrooms but wanted a different look for this one. Would very much prefer the tub be enameled steel or cast iron rather than acryllic but will take what I can get. Needs to be 66" or longer with a depth of at least 15" (deeper is better). No whirlpool/spa jets. No air bubblers. Nada.



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Window in shower how to Kerdi

posted by: cabinlife on 01.14.2008 at 05:13 am in Bathrooms Forum

Shower over tub
Tub set in alcove (meaning tile will be on three walls)
Aluminum clear window in shower
Window installed incorrectly by previous owners = rotten rough opening due to water intrusion
Original tile was on drywall by previous ownders = mold everywhere
Completely replace everythingincluding window
New window is vinyl, tempered, obscured glass, casement/safari-style
I know having a window in a shower is frowned upon. However, in our situation we have no choice but to replace it. We did not budget to update the exterior of our house.

I have been sifting through all the posts on this website regarding Kerdi.
- I did see Mongos post titled "Kerdi Shower". This is just what we need for tiling the three walls in the shower.
- I did see bill_vs website where one of his customers had a window in a shower

1. How do we install Kerdi to the wall with the window?
2. After install of Kerdi, how are windows tiled?
3. How do we prevent water intrusion where the Kerdi meets the window?
4. We have the window but havent installed it. Any tips or rules to follow to ensure we dont repeat the past? Do we treat this like any other window in another part of the house?
5. Do you place cement board on the inside of the window?
6. Anything else we should know?

I am hoping someone can provide step-by-step instructions that we can follow...fingers and toes crossed.

We are new to tiling and want to make sure to get it right the first time.



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Apron Sink Dilemma - HELP

posted by: gatorjaw on 03.24.2008 at 08:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am an infrequent poster but obsessive reader, hoping you all can provide some assistance...

History: From Day 1 I told KD that I wanted a farm sink. Before I ordered the sink (30" Shaws) I sent him the specs to make sure it would work. Fast forward four weeks, and he informs me that the cabinets will not allow for undermounting. Despite my feelings that he should have ordered the appropriate cabinets for the sink, I check out this forum, see other non-undermounted apron sinks, and decide it will be okay.

But of course it is not okay. The GG templated so that the sink would have to be dropped in. Then after several attempts, he (imo) got frustrated and cut the hole too big. So now we have what we feel is an excessive amount of caulk/silicone around the sink.

We are meeting with KD and GG on Thursday. It is our feeling that the granite should be replaced at their cost, and we need assurances that they can handle the job this time (like maybe slide it in?).

Are we unreasonable/unrealistic? I fully realize that these sinks are not ideal to install, but how much of a "bead" around the sink should we expect? Can anyone post photos of their similarly mounted sinks so that I can manage my expectations?


Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Photos


Not what I want.
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