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RE: viking - all owners please (Follow-Up #64)

posted by: chantico on 09.01.2006 at 04:38 pm in Appliances Forum

I am very happy with my Viking range.

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?

1) The lack of electronics (there is electronic ignition on the burners but other than that, it's all mechanical = less repairs in the long run.

2) High-powered, all-gas (I don't bake so didn't want to pay for Dual-fuel). We live at 7,000 feet and are on propane, I needed the extra burner power.

3) Bomber construction.

4) Could get it in black, with matching hood in black.

What product(s) do you have?

30 inch VGSC Range (All gas, self-cleaning, convection oven with open burners).

30 inch Chimney Wall Hood - VCWH with stainless accessory rail.

How old are the product(s) you have?

1 Year

What do you like about it/them?

1) The Broiler is fantastic: heat element covers a large area and is very hot. I LOVE this broiler.

2) Good performance on top burners: I see where others have commented they wished the simmer was lower. I had mine adjusted upon installation to get the tiniest of flame and I can melt chocolate without a double boiler no problem. Boils water fast too.

3) Self-Cleaning oven

4) Open burners: Have had both open and sealed. Prefer to take the parts out, throw them in the DW and be done with it. No more sopping up spills, scooping stuff up with a sponge and scrubbing, endlessly going back and forth from stove to sink. Personal preference here, others love the sealed burners.

4) I love that I could get the range hood in black to match the stove. Love that black / stainless combo.

What do you dislike about it/them?

I like everything about the range,couldn't be happier. Would like it if the fan in the hood was quieter, but I rarely need to turn up full blast, so it's not much of an issue.

What was your experience with customer service?

Excellent. I had a problem with the range, the door didn't sit square. They sent out the service tech who confirmed it was incorrect. They replaced it promptly. I was and am very happy with their response.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?

The door didn't align properly, did not sit square in the frame. The roll-out tray under the burners was crooked too. I will say I learned this: Viking Ranges are designed with frames that are supposed to "flex". This is so they can be fit into kitchens with surrounding cabinets/floors/wall that are not square, and still be leveled properly. The installation is very important with these ranges. They are not designed to just be shoved into the space. That is why, when I had my issue, they didn't just send a replacement immediately: they sent a technician to be sure the range was leveled properly etc. I've gotten the feeling that alot of issues arise from improper installation, including leveling, calibration of burners, etc. The technician told me that they take a bit of "fiddling" with when you first install them. (They were out to my house twice, "tweaking" the adjustments.) But that once you get them set properly, you'll rarely need a repair. This has proven to be the case for me. I spent top dollar to buy the range/hood from a local specialty dealer. I am convinced the quality of their technicians is one reason I'm so happy with the performance.

Would you buy another Viking?

I would buy another pro-style range from them in a heartbeat. I would not buy a refrigerator or dishwasher from them because it doesn't strike me as their core competency. I have a Viking range and hood, a Kitchenaid Dishwasher (dish drawers made by Fisher & Paykel) and a Jenn-Air fridge, so I'm obviously not worried about coordinated appliances, I just want the best solution for each function.


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