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RE: Peonies [pic] (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: billiame on 06.21.2011 at 12:17 am in California Gardening Forum

Okay, I think I got it now:


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recommended starter organics... (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: serenasyh on 06.22.2009 at 12:49 am in Roses Forum

Hi, Snrose. I think that Greencure is a really, really good fungicide for me but be sure to get a head start on this!! spray as soon as the leaves come out... And there are those in Blackspot Territory who will have to really really spray very! frequently with this organic fungicide when they have wet, rainy weather, but I truly believe Greencure is a very viable alternative. I grow all hybrid teas and have had pristine plants (no BS or PM, etc). Serenade (organics) is also extremely popular for insects/fungicides and is far more ideal than Spinosad and doesn't hurt the bees or beneficial insects from further reading/research that I've done. However it does linger in the soil. If I had super bad problems with insects I would have done a test try with the Serenade. Serenade is so popular at my local nursery that it is constantly sold out. so Diane and Buford, the fact that it is so popular there must be a reason for this... Somthing must be working in that Serenade... So far my roses do quite well with just commercial hot wax pepper spray (cuts down insects by 70% but I hear that the homemade recipe is even better! than the commercial)... Again, my situation is not like Diane's exhibition roses; since I don't exhibit, it's acceptable for me to live with holes here and there...But I have plenty of good, untouched leaves so I am happy and satisfied... However! it's Rita's garden that is to "die for" exhibition-like and just look at the health of her hybrid teas... (if you look at the Rose Gallery) and she is able to not use insecticides... Serenade seems to be the #1 choice for people who want a pristine organic garden...but I am hoping to eventually have healthy enough soil and beneficial insects that I won't need Serenade either.

Diane and Rita have any of you tried Greencure? That organic fungicide has kept my roses pristine...Diane, you say none of the organics fungicides have worked for you. So go ahead and name the ones that didn't so that way organics people won't waste their money. For example I tried GreenLight as an organics insect repellent and that was a waste of money. Bonide Hot Wax Pepper spray was so much better!

As for fertilizers I'd really, really recommend Garden-ville sea tea... (mixture of fish emulsion and compost tea) I can guarantee your roses will go crazy over that stuff... Every single one of my roses really flourish with tons of blossoms, encourages basal breaks, new stems, saves from transplant shock, the whole works... Another popular sea tea is Alaskan Fish Emulsion, but I just love my Garden-ville Sea Tea. I can't imagine any liquid fertilizer better than this.

Diane's and Karl's manure methods really work too, but I am choosing to wait until November and/or February to do this since my mulch has already been set... For me, I depend on my Garden-ville sea tea to nourish my roses... and my monthly Rose Tone (an organic fertilizer that is also very popular even amongst non-organics people).


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