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Struggling lipstick plant!

posted by: plumerias on 01.05.2013 at 08:43 pm in Gesneriad Forum

Hello! This is my first post on this forum and I am so excited to find such a huge gardening community! Anyway, to my plant.

I bought an overgrown, shaggy looking lipstick plant figuring I could just trim it up in the spring when I'm bored. I've had it for a few weeks now and there's a couple things I've noticed.
1. Some of the very long vines are leafless or only have leaves in the bottom, leaving an unappealing twiggy look.
2. There are a few vines that just fall off, maybe because of bad handling on the ride back and breaking?
3.The tips of some of the vines seem to be drying out and dying. (I have the same thing going on with my hoya, but my hoya got super dried out so I think that's why.)
4. Some vine's leaves are shriveling while vines around it look completely fine.

I'm not sure what's happening! I keep the soil pretty moist because that's what I've read and it's near a sunny window but far enough that it isn't direct (so I think). That's another thing, I've never had a plant this big so it's hard for me to know when/how to water it; usually I can look and poke the dirt to decide to water or not, but I think I just forget about my vined friends.

I will post pictures tomorrow so hopefully we can make this guy look a little better! Thanks everyone!


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Watering a hanging hoya?

posted by: plumerias on 01.05.2013 at 08:51 pm in Hoya Forum

Hello! I have a wonderful hoya that I am in love with, but I've always had trouble watering it.

It seems that if I don't take it to the sink/tub to give it a good soak, it won't really get watered. I'm not sure if this is good or bad to keep doing for the hoya? If I just pour water into it, it'll run through immediately. It's even harder to water evenly because of all the vines and leaves in the way. I noticed that it wasn't getting watered correctly because the vines started looking droopy and the leaves were soft (poor thing!) so I just soaked it again.

I mist it daily, which it seems to like because of all the blooming it's been doing! Anyway, are there any techniques to water it that I'm missing? Or is what I'm doing okay? It's hard to figure out when to water it because (I sound silly) I can't see the dirt!

Also, the tips of the vines, mostly the ones that hang downward, are turning brown and dying until the last node. Is this because of underwatering? Not enough sun?

Thank you!! Hope your new years have started off well.


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HELP! Dried out serissa bonsai..

posted by: plumerias on 01.20.2013 at 12:37 am in Bonsai Forum

I left for vacation almost two weeks ago, leaving all my plants for my mom to care for. They were all fine EXCEPT for my poor bonsai. It's a serissa, which is already finicky, but it seemed to be perfectly happy in my care and was about to bloom again before I left. My mom told me last week that some leaves were turning yellow, so I thought she may have been overwatering it. But now, I come back and the soil is bone dry. Right now, all the leaves seem to be dead and drying up and none of them are "plump" enough to revive now. However, I did a scratch test and the tree is still green under the bark, even at the branches. I understand that it's probably going to die, but I think it's still alive at the moment so I might as well try to revive it. Does anyone have any advice or tips or anything? :'( I cried for an hour, my grandma bought this bonsai for me and it was so pretty. Gah.

I'm guessing it needs less water now that there are no living leaves. I gave it a good watering to get the soil damp again, but I don't know what to do from here.. Thanks for any help!


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