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Too Many Cherry Tomatoes!

posted by: picassolisa on 09.04.2013 at 09:17 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

It happens every year, I plant cherry tomatoes and wait and wait and wait...
And then they all ripen faster than I can pick and eat them!

But, I found this recipe and made it last night and I think it might be the answer to my problem, because it is A-mazing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delicious Bruschetta


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garlic is separating

posted by: marric on 08.26.2013 at 09:18 am in Allium Forum

This is our second year planting garlic. Each year we have had a good crop. The first year it kept just fine. This year the outside cloves seem to be pulling away from the head. I think it's because we left them outside to cure and it was quite hot. Would that cause this? Should we have moved them into the shed instead? They were put on a wagon under shade cloth. Also would it be better to plant a cover crop between the rows next year? The spot we plant it is clay that has been amended but we're still working on it. Any advice? Marg


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The ever dreaded fungus gnat

posted by: luv2gro on 04.18.2006 at 03:05 am in Far North Gardening Forum

About a month ago, I went to buy some chamomile tea to do some damping off prevention and when I got home, discovered I had bought peppermint tea. After a bit of a ggogle, I discovered some sites talking about peppermint tea to ward off fungus gnats. I then did a drenching with peppermint tea and just realized tonight that I have not had any, and I mean any, fungus gnats this year. Last year, I was going crazy with them and had gone through about 6 sticky strips by now and even got some industrial insecticide from the greenhouse I was working at. That helped a bit but they were so out of control by then that I just couldn't wait to get everything outside and the greenhouse turned off.

I'd be interested to hear whether it is just my lucky year or if the peppermint tea really worked. Is anyone having a problem with fungus gnats right now? Would you be interested in trying the peppermint tea on your next watering of everything and letting us know if it at least helps the problem? If it works, it's a lot cheaper than the mosquito Bt products. Thanks



Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats
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New England Potatoes (Rocks)

posted by: picassolisa on 05.31.2013 at 10:02 am in Soil Forum

I live in eastern MA, where there is a abundance of potato-sized rocks (and some bigger). I think they're all in my veggie garden (not yet planted). Things grew pretty well last year, but it seems every time I throw down a spade, I hit one of these things! Am I right to want to dig all of them out? I assume some smaller rocks and pebbles are good for drainage, but how much, really? Also, is there an easy way to do so other than screening my whole garden plot through a 1/2 inch soil screen?


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Hostas Keep Coming Back

posted by: picassolisa on 05.30.2013 at 08:59 am in Hosta Forum

I know this is usually a good thing and not a problem, but...

Last year we dug out a huge portion of our lawn and part of a border hosta bed to make a large veggie garden. We had to dig out a few hostas that were in the way (brutally large). This year, as I'm tending to the large patch of dirt/soil, little hostas keep popping up. I keep digging them up (not just pulling them out) and then more will pop up a few days later!

We are planning on tilling and planting in just a few days. Will the tilling spread them around even more? Is there something I can look for while digging that will help me get rid of them? Will they ever stop???


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Sort of Finished Compost Soggy on the Bottom

posted by: picassolisa on 05.24.2013 at 09:52 am in Soil Forum

I started composting last fall by just making a pile in my yard of alternating layers of grass and fallen leaves and smallish twigs. After not really paying much attention to it for a month or two, I really got going and converted an old black plastic trash can (30 gal, I think) and moved everything into that. I drilled holes all over the bottom and sides, and the top is one of those flip top spinny lids, so it gets some rain, but not too much. I add our kitchen scraps once or twice a week, but I throw them all in the food processor first. I also add dry leaves and other yard stuff whenever I add scraps. The problem I'm having, even though I turn at least once or twice a week, is that the bottom 8 inches or so isn't draining well. everything above that is fine and is getting crumbly and humus-y looking. The bottom 8 inches is mucky. I've made a rock bed for it to sit on, thinking that it might drain better that way, but no luck.

Here's my question (after all that): I have some 1/2" hardware cloth lying around. should I just empty the bin and lop off the bottom and replace with the hardware cloth instead?

Also, we're tilling the veggie garden for planting this weekend, should I till in whatever finished compost I have, or mix it into the holes when we plant the seedlings?

Thanks everyone! I appreciate any and all feedback.


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