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RE: Does anyone do a cutting garden and what do you grow? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: diggerdee on 02.01.2013 at 04:27 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

I grow lots of stuff for cutting. Just looked at my WSing records from last year, and here is what I grew:

ageratum (3 kinds)
amaranthus (8 different kinds)
snaps (several kinds, but Animation, Rocket, and Giant Bouquet are a bit taller)
Chinese asters (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these - very elegant and long-lasting flowers! Grew 17 types last year! Just wish they were a bit taller)
Bells of Ireland
Celosia (several varieties)
dahlias (lots of these - grew many from WSown seed)
Sweet william
feverfew (several varieties - I find these indispensable for fillers - just wished they bloomed a bit later and longer, although I get shorter rebloom later in season)
gomphrena (another lovely filler)
hungarian broom corn - AWESOME plant, very unusual, and great for fall arrangements)
marigolds (I use the taller varieties in bouquets)
poppies (looks great to use the seed heads/pods as well)
rudbeckias galore! (12 varieties)
statice (another great filler)
tithonia (but I can't always get this to last in the vase...)
sunflowers (of course!)
zinnias (of course!)

I also have some perennials that I use:
coneflowers (I find these can either last weeks or hours..???)
phlox (LOVE this - fragile but very fragrant & long-lasting)
lilies (GORGEOUS! - but I try to grow ones that aren't too fragrant. They can really be overpowering)
roses (of course, but most of mine are not teas so I don't get the long stems)
hydrangeas (another really long lasting beautiful bloom)
hosta blooms (nice, unexpected fillers - looks really great to use a big variegated hosta leaf in the bouquet too)
peonies (long-lasting and gorgeous)
Queen Anne's Lace (quite gorgeous & elegant filler)

I think that's most of it, although I've been know to try anything (including weeds!) if I need to fill out a bouquet.



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