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Pictures of building my 10 x 12 custom greenhouse

posted by: kittyl on 11.25.2006 at 11:53 pm in Greenhouses & Garden Structures Forum

I thought Id share some photos of start to near finish. My concept of my dream greenhouse came from the book "Classic Garden Structures by Jan & Michael Gertley". It was a glass greenhouse

My dream started 3 years ago. My two teenage kids did the digging for the wall foundation, rebar and concrete base, we contracted with a brick layer to have the brick walls done, hubby and I did the patio bricks, cut to fit the rounded wall.

Two years later the greenhouse was still on hold, but the irises and sweet alyssum were blooming!

This year we were ready to start the greenhouse:

Air power nail gun is one of my husbands favorite tools. One decision I had to make, was how tall to make this greenhouse. We debated changing the arch. I was leaning towards a shorter greenhouse for ease of construction and then I realized I plan to grow one or two dwarf trees, a citrus and maybe an avocado, and then decided all the height I could get would be good for the trees, so tall was it! Frame is 2x4 fir, about a third the cost of redwood. Cost of lumber and stain $210.

The trick of holding all those beams up, is bracing. Doesnt seem very solid yet.

Bracing in ceiling has been added and its ready for staining. Thats tomorrows job.

I stained it with a heartwood redwood sealant and stain. I spent a lot of time on the top steps of the 12 foot ladder and all sorts of crazy positions to get it painted.

I thought it was so pretty at this point I thought I was through. Hubby said I couldnt sit in it on a rainy day and drink tea and perhaps I should start searching for poly carbonate or hed find something else to do!

Im so excited, roof and sides are up. We used clear corrugated polycarbonate. Price of corrugated was about half that of twin wall, and it was available at my local hardware store. I really like it. It took a while to get used to it because it is so clear, unlike the old days of fiberglass. We just cut it with a scissors. Cost of poly, $534.

When it came to the door, I thought my husband might consider making a door frame and use corrugated poly to match, but we went to the hardware store, and he convinced me to look at storm doors. We found a door for $130, choose a dark brown instead of white, and I really like it too, now that its up. Much easier to install, then trying to build a door with bracing and interior door framing. It has two glass panels in the door, and one which slides with a screen, I imaging Ill just open it on many days when its not extremely hot or cold. I may also just open the door and leave it propped open at times. Now we have to plan benches.

The area to the left of the greenhouse will be a koi pond one day.

All ready for some plants. I hung one of my geraniums.

Next to install is the exhaust fan, and next spring, an evaporator cooler.

Its hard to believe, when I go out the back door now there really is a greenhouse there! A million thanks to my husband and kids who helped!


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