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RE: Rose cuttings (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: sylviatexas on 02.09.2007 at 12:22 pm in Southern Gardening Forum

What area of Texas are you in?

There's a Spring Swap coming up on March 31 in San Antonio, & you can post there (Exchanges page on the Texas Forum).

If you aren't in that area, or if you want cuttings sooner, I'll be happy to send you, for postage,
Old Blush, Lavender,Lassie, Mrs B R Cant, Graham Thomas, Teasing Georgia, Betty Prior (a friend told me this is the *easiest* rose to root, & it's a very easy rose to grow), The Herbalist, LaMarque, Duchesse de Brabant, I think that's about all...

Please email me at, as I sometimes forget to check the forums.


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HAVE: 2 Roses: 1 Henri Martin, 1 Unknown Pink - (One trade in S

posted by: marbree on 12.22.2006 at 07:34 pm in Rose Propagation Forum

I have two roses for one trade: They are three-year old roses in pots. They are both expected to bloom in the summer of 2007, and are ready to plant directly in the ground - they've already had their time getting to size in pots.
one Henri Martin (Red Moss)
Violet-reddish-pink, once blooming moss rose
Bred in 1862 in France by Jean Laffay
Henri Martin at HelpMeFind Roses link
Extremely disease resistant for me
One Unknown Pink Rose, unknown variety, old fashioned once blooming rose.
Established plants are very drought tolerant
Has very long-lived roots.

Not a Banshee, doesn't have the acorn-style hips.

I would like either a daylily or another rose in trade.

Especially interested in
Metallic Butterfly (single fan)
William Steen (double fan)
Madly Red (double fan)
Big Hair (single fan)
Alexa Kathryn (double fan)
Believe in Magic (single fan)
JT Davis (single fan)
Awesome Blossom (double fan)
Elegant Candy (double fan)

Or I'd like another OGR that I don't have:
John Grow
Laneii (Lane's Moss)
any miniature Spinossima or Scotch Rose
Harrison's Yellow
Princess Alice (a moss)
General Kleber (a moss)
Apple Jack (Griffith Buck)
White Cap

Or anything interesting and drought-tolerant. I have lots of sandy soil, and the occasional drought. I'm interested in gilded daylilies, random OGRs, and the Buck or Brownell roses (they do well for me). I'm not fond of cactuses or rugosas.
I could trade in April, May, or early June with the two roses listed above.


post or email later
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