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Any suggestions for a pair of loppers?

posted by: cactus_joe on 09.13.2012 at 09:05 pm in Roses Forum

I posted this in the Toolshed Forums but had no response. I hope I may get some suggestions here.
I have had a pair of heavy duty rachetting loppers for over 15 years. It was a brute of a lopper and used to slice through 2 1/2 inches with ease. Unfortunately I seem to have missplaced it...........or else it was stolen during one of those bathroom breaks I have been needing. I would love to look for something similar and so far, the only thing that comes close is Lee Valley Tools' heavy offering. Does anybody have any suggestions for other options?


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RE: You Might Be a Rose Addict... (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: elks on 10.12.2010 at 07:04 am in Antique Roses Forum

I am reminded of this post from years ago:

HOW TO COUNT ROSES Posted by Kim_SC 7B SC (My Page) on Thu, Jan 31, 02 at 17:07
1. Mini roses don’t count.
2. Floribundas ��" because they are not full-fledged hybrid teas ��" count as half.
3. Shrubs, Climbers, Ramblers, Old Garden Roses, etc. don’t count because they can be considered "landscaping."
4. Roses not planted ��" or in pots ��" don’t count. (See the "Territory" Clause).
5. Roses that were discounted count as half.
6. Roses received as gifts don’t count.
7. Odd numbers must always be rounded off…if you’re out of room, round the number down. For every one-hundred, divide by two. This is known as a "stock split."
8. Roses whose names you don’t know or can't remember obviously don’t count.
9. Roses that are on Shovel Prune Watch don’t count; the roses that replace them also don’t count as they cancel each other out.
10. Duplicate/multiples count as one as they are considered a set.
11. Roses that are not planted in a bed don’t count. (See the "Landscaping" Addendum).
12. Bareroots don’t count because they are dormant when they arrive; once you plant them and they start to bud out…well, you’ve already done your count, so you will just have to wait until next season��"by which time you’ll be sure you already counted them.
13. Mislabeled roses don’t count because you probably already have one of them somewhere, which has already been counted once…probably.
14. Anything less than Grade 1 counts only a fraction, and since fractions are not whole numbers they can be rounded off (remember the rounding off rule).
15. Roses that you think you might give away can be excluded from the count…makes it easier to part with them; if, by some chance you wind up keeping them, well…oh well.
16. HTs that get huge and wind up taking more than one space should be counted twice, but remember the duplicate rule.
17. Now…if, after counting, you have under a hundred roses, you must immediately place some orders��"and they don’t count because they’re in transit and therefore not in the ground.
18. Roses ordered on a whim really don’t count because they were never on a list. (This is known as the list rule: If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist…most likely).
19. If you cut many roses and give them away, this is considered Charity, and everyone knows that you get special allowances for Charity��"which brings us to…
20. Tax Deductions… (see Claiming Roses as Dependants).


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Our Lady of Guadalupe

posted by: kathy9norcal on 08.30.2008 at 09:19 pm in Rose Gallery Forum

A blooming fool, OLG is ruined by thrips early in the season, unfortunately. But it never stops covering itself in blooms and at some point, the thrips damage isn't as noticeable. It is a patio standard. Grows very large! For pink lovers. When we took the blooming bush home in the car years ago, the car was suffused with sweet scent.

Here it is July 1. It is just as covered right now. Blooms above are current.



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