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backsplash common sense rules?

posted by: kitchennovice44 on 05.04.2011 at 10:01 am in Kitchens Forum

I see so many backsplash questions and now in midst of choosing mine. Finished BS slideshow is great inspiration, as are all the specific postings/photos asking for input. But wondering if a few people who've been down this road can share a general tip or two that may help many at once who don't post personalized questions/pics. Just as thought-starters - things I've been struggling with:

- In general, when choosing tile sizes, when is it better to go larger vs smaller? What effect is created w/one vs other?
- How should flooring shape BS choices?
- Should BS usually pull from or match something in counter?
-What BS designs work better for smaller kitchens? Larger?

- And my favorite: what do you think is the #1 most common mistake people make choosing a BS that ends up disappointing them later? (That alone would be invaluable advice!)

Or feel free to add ANY practical tip you'd like to share.

I know much is subjective, but just seeking a few common-sense "rules" during the process to help avoid amateurish results or disappointment. Thanks for any words of wisdom!

(My apologies to all if this thread already exists on GW: perhaps link us newbies to it? I found many specific BS postings when searching, but not one thread with overall "how to choose" BS advice.)


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