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DIY copper countertop

posted by: jenathegreat on 11.22.2004 at 05:18 pm in Metalworking Forum

We'd like to cover our countertop base with copper sheeting. We've found it locally and online in 3'x10' sheets in either 16 oz or 20 oz.

We've never worked with metal, but since there are only 2 straight runs of countertop, we'd only have to cut out a hole for the sink and cooktop, and bend the metal to cover the edge of the plywood. We plan to bend it over and under the base and fasten it to the bottom and also have it curve up the wall to form a little backsplash.

1) See any problems with this plan? Anything wrong with using copper sheeting?
2) Will we be able to bend it without any special tools? What will we need to cut it with? I really have no concept of how hard or flexible either 16oz or 20oz copper sheets would be.
3) Recommend either 16 or 20oz?
4) How do we handle the outside corner?

Thanks for any advice or warnings...


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