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RE: Lemons, Blooms, Spider Mites...Oh MY! (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: meyermike_1micha on 02.18.2013 at 02:11 pm in Citrus Forum

Hey Patty..

I have been putting 15 to 20 little drops to a 32 ounce hand help spray bottle.

Do you have Pro-Tek from Dyno-gro?
That is a great emulsifyer.
I have also use just a few drops of natural soap .

I also use Coco Wet, not to emulsify, but to help the water stick to the leaves, so it just does'nt drip off so rapidly. The entire leaves get covered with a thin layer of water evenly. Great stuff!
I could not live without Coco Wet:-)

Hoping this helps you:-)



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