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RE: Would you paint this fireplace? (pic) (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: organicnoob on 11.09.2009 at 08:10 am in Home Decorating Forum

Here's a quick example of what I was thinking. Not exactly the mantle or wall color I would pick but this is a quick mockup. I changed the wall color so the new features stand out.

What I wanted to show is that adding a mantel that covers more of the brick might make it more acceptable to you. When I was looking for pics of mantels to use I found a website which has a bunch of different mantels and stone surround kits. If you cover the brick, look at the remnants at your local tile/counter place and see if you can find a piece of stone to cover the front. You'll probably only pay for the cutting.

A fireplace is usually a focal point in a room. I think the last thing you would want to do is paint it white so it disappears into the wall.

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