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Kitchen Torch Recommendations Please

posted by: nabq on 01.31.2012 at 02:13 am in Cooking Forum

Hello, My teenage niece wants to learn to make creme brulee and I'd like to get her a culinary torch and some ramekins for her birthday. Can anyone recommend a good brand and model that is not too expensive? Safety and ease of use are extremely important, as are availability of fuel and ease of refilling. I've read that some torches made expressly for kitchen use, like the BonJour, put out a very weak flame, so that a single-serving creme brulee takes several minutes to brown. That would be a problem for our rather large family gatherings, so some power is necessary. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nabq


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To brulee or not to brulee?

posted by: sophiemae on 09.25.2011 at 10:57 pm in Cooking Forum

I always wanted to make creme brulee - who doesn't love firing up a blow torch?! - but the one time I tried it, it was so disgustingly sweet - think I'd rather choke down a hunk of baklava - I threw it out and gave up on the whole idea. Now, years later, I finally have to ask... is that how it's supposed to be, or did I get the el cheapo candied version?


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