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RE: home made seed starter (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: digdirt on 04.18.2010 at 06:53 pm in Growing from Seed Forum

No way to know for sure unless someone just happened to have personal experience with the exact same mix.

The worm castings wouldn't be so much a threat to the seeds IMO but would to the young seedlings. Just emerging seedlings don't need and are very intolerant of supplemental fertilizers. Nitrogen especially, in just about any form, can kill them off before they even have time to straighten up their stems.

As the age and develop true leaves - say 2 sets - their need for them increases as does their tolerance.

So personally I'd leave out the castings. Save them for adding to your mix come the true leaf transplanting time since the plants won;t be able to remain in the coir mix for long.



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Using Coco Coir for seedlings

posted by: halfway on 05.29.2011 at 03:33 pm in Growing from Seed Forum

I have to say I am impressed and will continue it's use next year.

I started over 7 trays and all were coco coir from a compressed brick. I hydrated it when needed, so I kept my workspace tidy. It was easy to figure out how much was needed after only a few times.

Couple other notes:

It bottom feeds very well and is VERY easy to know when it is fully watered.

It has zero nutrients, so appropriate nutrient levels for seedlings and then larger starts is a must. I kept many of the tomatoes on 1/2 nutrients for almost 2 weeks too long and I know I lost some growth opportunity. Once on full nutrients, they really took off with dense growth and internodal density.

It dries from the top down.

It will make for good soil amendment since it is medium to fine in texture and will aid moisture retention until it breaks down over time.

It allows me to maintain a "soil free" environment for my spring starts work area (basement).

The compressed brick was very cheap and the nutrients were as well. It was much cheaper and I believe as good as or better than the normal MG potting mix I previously used.

Can't wait until next year to increase the nutrients earlier and really see how big the starts can get before planting outside.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Adventure


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