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dishwasher tubs

posted by: palomalou on 07.11.2012 at 10:30 am in Appliances Forum

Plastic or SS? We had a top of line Kenmore (don't know by whom made, was almost 20 years ago) with plastic tub--best cleaning one ever. I've also bought a mid-range Ka perhaps 15 years ago with ss tub. I have an idea the ss is better, but why? Our current dw (a Monogram, didn't clean well anyway, ;plus collects "slime" around door opening) was fried by lightning last weekend and am hurrying to replace.
Suggestions? I don't want to spend more than $600 and definitely won't buy another Monogram. And Consumer Reports blithely states that any dishwasher will clean the dishes--ha!


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American Performer vs. Blue Star RNB

posted by: adamnels on 02.24.2012 at 07:34 pm in Appliances Forum

Hi all. I've read through what feels like hundreds of threads on this forum, and yet still find myself asking for any advice between 36" American Performer and Blue Star RNB. Both open burners, by my account very similar ranges, but can't quite seem to pull the trigger. Any pros, cons, or gotchas people would be willing to share? Thanks so much for your help.


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