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Finally found perfect stainless cleaner!

posted by: firsthouse_mp on 07.29.2010 at 01:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

The stainless appliances have become my new obsession...

It used to be my old granite counter that I had to bend down to eye-level to see if crumbs were on the counter. I would wipe and wipe endlessly to keep the shiny look. Obviously, getting honed counters on this remodel was a healthy necessity. But then very soon after that it became apparent that my new OCD thing was to keep the stainless appliances looking fingerprint-free.

I tried the Method Stainless cleaner from Target, but it was too streaky. I did figure out that it works well if you first wipe the area with a wet sponge, then spray the cleaner on, then wipe with a dry cloth. But IMO it's still a "B" rather than an "A" product.

I think I have purchased over $40 worth of wipes, sprays and cleaners but had no luck until a friend recommended something called WOW. The only thing about this is that it's a pain to buy. If anyone knows of where to get it without having to pay a fortune on the net, I'd love to know where you got it. I ended up using ABT since it had free shipping.

Received it yesterday and voila, it really does work! Totally streak free and not a lot of work to other words, no 3 step process like I was doing before. Anyone have experience with this product? I like that it seems more organic--claims to be made of biodegradable ingredients and has no petroleum distillates. That seems oodles better than the Weissman wipes that I used then threw away (kinda earth unfriendly!).


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Cat_mom - Your backsplash

posted by: redroze on 06.15.2008 at 07:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi Cat_mom, I happen to love love love your glass backsplash. We are really leaning towards doing a white glass backsplash as well, probably in a long horizontal pattern (not vertically like yours) with large pieces - probably 2x12. Actually, after seeing yours and this other photo from Interstyle, we are actually considering going with the thinner pieces or the "Stilato" pattern that you have because it is SO gorgeous!

I had a couple of questions for you that I would be so happy if you could answer, since this whole glass backsplash-buying thing is turning out to require the most research for anything that we've bought for our kitchen!

- The Wolfgang White looks like what I've been hunting for which is a true white colour. How does it read in different lights, and does it have any coloured undertone? I've found it so hard to find a true white, as most glass tends to have a green or blue undertone. Yours in the photo tends to look white with a silvery tinge which would be perfect with our granite.
- Did you go with the gloss or the satin, or a mix of both? It looks mixed in your photos but it didn't indicate that on the Artistic Tile website.
- Do you find that the tile is very "bling-blingy" in person? I don't want it to overshadow our granite too much, yet both my husband and I feel a little pitter-patter in our hearts when we see glass backsplashes.
- What colour of grout did you use and what size were your groutlines? Any tips/pitfalls to watch out for during the installation?
- Your tiles seem to have so much dimension. Are they flush if you run your hand over them, or do they "pop out" in certain areas to give them a textured effect? Are they smooth in surface or bumpy?
- Are they handmade tiles, meaning are the edges more rough rather than straight-edged?

Here is our granite:

Here's a backsplash similar to yours from a Canadian company called Interstyle. It is a mix of matte and glossy tiles which makes me think that yours must be the same:

Thanks Cat_mom!!!! I'm so excited that someone pointed our your backsplash to me.


Cat mom glass
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RE: Has anyone undermounted a Shaw apron front sink? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: klb_2000 on 01.22.2008 at 10:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

I undermounted a Whitehaus fireclay sink because I wanted a fireclay sink, didn't want the apron front, and liked the sizes available in the Whitehaus product line. (None of the true undermount fireclay sinks quite fit my size requirements). I have a wall mount faucet, so didn't need space for a deck mounted faucet behind the sink--so the deeper (front to back) aspect of an apron front sink worked well for me to maximize the size of sink I could fit in my small kitchen. If you plan on a deck mounted faucet, though, you'll probably need to have countertops deeper than 24" to allow space for the faucet--check the sink measurements.

Installing the sink didn't seem to be a big deal for the installers--they just added a support structure inside the sink cabinet and set it in. The countertop (Paperstone) installers templated for the sink, and added some shims to make the sink fit snug against the countertops. No problems so far, and I don't regret not going with the apron front. In my small kitchen, I think the continuous run of cabinets/countertops looks a BIT more expansive than it would have looked with an apron front sink. While there are lots of nice examples of apron front sinks in modern kitchens, I think I agree with you that a regular undermount sink will have cleaner lines in a modern kitchen.

If you aren't terribly attached to the Shaw's sinks, you might want to look at Whitehaus or other brands (like Franke). You really pay a premium for the gorgeous curves on the Shaw's apron-- but if they won't be visible, might be able to get a better deal on a different model. (I got a great price on my Whitehaus 501 model online from Home and Stone)

Here are a couple of pictures... hope this helps! (oh---and ignore my index card backsplash!)


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RE: 98.627% Finished Kitchen - Transitional White Inset w/ glass (Follow-Up #118)

posted by: firsthouse_mp on 04.27.2010 at 11:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Still love this kitchen. You did such a great job...because of you we too have a gorgeous flushmount sink. Thank you so much for posting, sharing and providing inspiration!
From Menlo Farmhouse


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RE: Kohler Karbon faucet - 6227-C11 and 6227-C12 (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: mom2reese on 04.14.2010 at 03:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have the Karbon as my main kitchen sink and love it (sink is 33" wide, 10" deep)

Here's a video I took for someone a long time ago. Ignore the creaky sound at the end - it had never made that sound before or since.


Here is a link that might be useful: Karbon Video


My faucet in action
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Tell Me Your Favorite Tile Companys

posted by: sivyaleah on 04.12.2010 at 01:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm researching tile for my backsplash. At the moment, the only top names coming into my head are Ann Sacks, DalTile, Artistic Tile and Armstrong.

What's really sad is I work in the design business, although not directly any longer with specifing these products, which is probably why the names of manufacturers is escaping me. If it were 2 years ago I probably could remember at least a dozen of them. Now, not so much.

Anyway - I could really use some other names. There are a couple of Ann Sacks tiles which are calling me but I'm not totally sold on anything yet, and I have time to decide (I'm not closing on the house until May 10th, so I can't even start purchasing anything until my mortgage wraps up, don't want to jinx anything!).


Tile companies
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3d tile from Heath Ceramics and others

posted by: padola07 on 04.08.2010 at 10:25 am in Kitchens Forum

So I am sitting around watching Castle last nite... yeah I know no one else watches it... and I've always admired Castle's kitchen but its a little too dark for me. Now towards the end they showed a column in the great room made from 3d tile and I'm thinking... gee that looks great... then ... gee wonder how much it costs ... then ..gee didn't i see that on GW recently?.. and finally ... gee i think I am going to use something like that.

So I know about Heath Ceramics and I am looking for something like what they have thats not California expensive. Anyone seen anything online thats 3d and contemporary besides Heath? I understand that sort of tile is pricey but anything produced in California is always more pricey than it needs to be. Heath is at $60 sq/ft.

Sorry its rejecting my link. Here it is in text


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RE: Show me your Glass tile backsplash..... Please (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: cat_mom on 03.12.2010 at 02:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here's ours:

backsplash_L-corner shot 1.jpg

full shot 1.jpg


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RE: River White or White Galaxy? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: boxerpups on 03.12.2010 at 08:13 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi discoganya,

I would ask Jewel? She posted last month about white

I love river white granite. It is a beautiful stone but I
rarely see it. If I had to choose I would go for the white
river. The movement adds a sense of artwork to the stone.
I wish I had more pictures for you.

White River or River White

White River granite from Marble and Granite co.

Here is a link that might be useful: Does anyone have River White or Monte Bello granite? pics please


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RE: Anyone have white/light silestone (quartz) counters? Help ple (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: honeysucklevine on 03.24.2010 at 02:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

I saw a display kitchen with dark cabinets and Caesarstone Oyster. It is a very light countertop and up close the little pieces in it would hide food particles or spills.

This is Caesarstone Oyster on dark cabinets.


Love that tile
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