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Adding rockdust to pH 7 soil - will it cause issues?

posted by: organic_wonderful on 04.30.2011 at 07:37 am in Organic Gardening Forum

I have pH 7 soil, which is slightly higher than I'd like it to be ideally, since most crops need a slightly lower pH, with 5.5-6.5 being optimal. So, adding lime or dolomite lime is out, but what about rockdust? I would like to add rockdust to my allotment soil to remineralize the soil which has no doubt been cultivated intensively for years, to slowly over a long period of time add back inorganic rock minerals. I do wonder if the calcium content in the rockdust will raise the soil pH to outside of optimal levels?

Or will I be okay to apply it without any issues?


rockdust pH 7 soil - issues?
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How much should the temperature of irrigation water controlled?

posted by: organic_wonderful on 04.30.2011 at 07:14 am in Container Gardening Forum

Right back when I was first getting into gardening and doing research, I was told in no uncertain terms that watering container plants with ice cold water straight from the tap can cause 'shock', for want of a better word, to the plant such as my tomatoes for example. After some questioning, I was told that for plants like tomatoes, the ideal temperature of the water used to water or feed the plants should be about 18-23C, but that mixing cold water from the tap with some boiled water from the kettle (I don't have hot water from the tap in my house) could raise the temperature enough and that subjectively it should feel tepid. I've been using tepid water faithfully ever since, even though it is a pain having to constantly boil kettle after kettle of water to add meticulously to cold water from the tap.

At the garden centre and in other peoples' gardens and allotments, they don't seem to be so concerned with getting the water temperature right, and even use hose pipe sprayers connected straight to the mains, so that cold water comes through when watering the plant. So, I was curious - do I need to be warming up the water each time I water? Does it make a difference at all? If so, is it noticeable?

If I could simplify things I just use the cold water straight from the tap without any problems then it would make my life SO much easier!


temp of water used on plants.
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Saving seed from F1 hybrids

posted by: organic_wonderful on 04.15.2011 at 12:20 am in Growing from Seed Forum

I saved the seed from a very rare type of plant that was extremely expensive that I cultivated last year (I seem to remember it cost me about �10 a seed, and no, they weren't magic beans). I know that you generally should not save seed from F1 hybrids, but I've also been told that whilst the majority of the plants grown from the seed saved will be completely all over the place and won't breed true, you'll get a few unique individuals that stand out from the crowd, which you can keep.

Is this true? Or is it not worth it?


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