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Friday daylily blooms

posted by: bourret on 09.16.2011 at 11:53 am in Daylily Forum

Instead of counting on "rebloomers" I've collected lates and very lates. Here's what's blooming today, September 16th.

Triumphant Topaz
Suzy Cream Cheese
Pinhill August Sunset
Late Summer Fling
Vermont Rajastan Sands
Seneca Spirit
Final Exams
Last man Standing
Vermont Fall Pink Melon
Running Late
Steeple Jackie
Sandra Elizabeth
Waves Become Wings
Suzy Cream Cheese
Afterglow of Love
Vermont Maroon Branch
Steve�s Corn Rows
Lord of Autumn
One Last Pie
Hard Times
Back to School
Lord of Autumn
Potala Tapestry
After Awhile Crocodile
Eli Murphy
Olivia�s Visit

Lisa Bourret
West Newfield, Maine
Zone 5a


Lates and Very Lates in Zone 5 USDA
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