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RE: Non standard counter depths (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: davidro1 on 08.19.2010 at 09:37 am in Kitchens Forum

They charge per square foot.

The average slab is 55" by 120".

If it's one and the same slab you want on all your counters, cut this slab roughly down the middle and you have one counter 29" deep and one counter "regular" depth.

With solid surface (quartz) you can use two slabs from the same lot (same shade) to get two 29" deep counters and leave the 26" remnants for someone else.

Since they charge per square foot, and only that, the larger counter costs a bit more but not much.

Drawers will cost more. Example: deeper Tandembox sliders cost more than the average size ones. Since fewer are produced, more cost/item has to be recuperated (marketing, inventory and distribution).

All in all, it's not a huge price difference.


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