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RE: Ideas for fantastic Clematis Combos wanted!! (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: bonitamariposa on 01.28.2012 at 09:59 am in Clematis Forum

Oooh, I'm excited about this thread...can't wait to see all the combos. My favorite is Huldine & Jackmanii. I also like Venosa Violacea & Comtesse de Bouchaud.
Jackmanii & Huldine
title="Comtesse de Bouchard & Venosa Violacea by cameragirl59, on Flickr">Comtesse de Bouchard & Venosa Violacea

Comtesse & Ruutel?
I've also paired these and can't wait to take a pic:

Etoile Violette & Betty Corning
Huldine & Ville de Lyon
Blue Angel & Viola
Madame Baron & Huldine


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