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Mosaic Picture frame box

posted by: wackyweeder on 10.20.2014 at 07:31 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Gift for a friend. This is actually a box that hangs on the wall and opens, inside it has an erase board, hooks for keys etc. The front was a picture frame, and I mosaiced on the glass.
 photo 027_zpsa8a36310.jpg


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I have some "thinset for dummies" questions!

posted by: phish on 08.30.2014 at 02:23 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Hi all. I've never used thinset and am trying to understand this from posts in this forum but I'm still confused.

First of all, what is thinset? And is it the same thing as Mortar? (not that I know what that is either!). My mosaics are usually for example, glueing tess onto a birdhouse and then grouting inbetween. From what I've been able to surmise here, thinset is when you lay it out first and then smush your tess into it? Then do you have to have a mold to keep the thinset from leaking off the top of the surface?

Can you use thinset as adhesive? I think I've seen people say on here that they use thinset as adhesive. Does this mean that I would glue my tess onto my birdhouse using thinset instead of glue? And then still grout?

Can you use thinset as sealer? I think I've seen people say on here that they use thinset as sealer? I think of sealer as the clear shiney protective liquid that I pour onto my project when I'm all done, to keep it shiny and protected and ideally safe from the elements outside. Are you saying you use thinset in this same way? (I didn't get the impression thinset was clear which is why this didn't make sense to me)

Sorry for all the dumb questions. But for all the posts I've read here on thinset, I'm still very confused!


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Black thinset or black grout - help

posted by: silvamae on 08.14.2014 at 01:04 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Slowmedown, aren't you the one who uses black black thinset or grout? I've forgotten the brand you use to accomplish this.


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List of Basic Mosaic Tools & Supplies

posted by: hoosierquilt on 07.18.2014 at 12:21 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Okay, going out shopping today, to pick up some basic tools and supplies for my mosaic class coming up. I used to do some stained glass "back in the day", so I do have some experience, but never with mosaics. I really want to try to make one trip for the majority of my tools & supplies if possible (probably not realistic, but worth a try). I have a list from the instructor, but beyond pestering her with specifics (this would be my 4th email to her, I don't want her to think I'm an idiot or a stalker at this point), I am hoping this great forum can give me a little more specific guidance. Here's the list, and if you could add anything else that I might need to get started, and add some further explanation for some things (like size of containers, etc.), that sure would be helplful. I still have no idea if there is a stained glass/mosaic supply store here in my area (N. San Diego county, Calif.), so going to Lowe's/Home Depot to start with:

1. Glass nippers (I may still have my old stained glass nippers somewhere in the garage)
2. Glass cutter (who knows where that went)
3. Glass cutting oil
4. Putty knife (what kind, size, brand???)
5. Gloves (I assume just dishwashing gloves? Latex gloves? Something easy to work in)
6. Safety glasses
7. Container for grout (how big, plastic wash bucket okay, better to get a round one, a rectangular one??)
8. Bucket for water (5 gal okay or too big?)
9. Lintless cloths (what cloth is "lintless"??)
10. Grout sponge (size, are they actually special sponges sold as "grout sponges"??)
11. "Adhesives" (seriously?? There are about a gazillion types of adhesives. This project will have water in it, should I buy a specific type of adhesive for a bird bath project? Are there 2 or 3 different types of adhesives that I should have on hand? Clear silicone adhesive, some other type??)

I think the glass tiles or glass will be provided, so don't need that, nor will I need to buy grout (I hope, as I have NO idea where to buy grout, color, kind, etc.) Anything else I need to get started? Maybe a large tool carrier to put everything in? Trying to get this stuff collected prior to class. We're going to make a bird bath from a 14" terra cotta saucer. Great first project. Then onto what I really want to make, which is a mosaic cover for our fire pit. Thank you everyone, I appreciate any help!! Such a great forum and so nice to have this for beginners :-)

Patty S.

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Art Deco House Sign for a 1921 Lake Cottage

posted by: segrieb on 05.04.2014 at 04:45 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Art Deco House Sign for a 1921 Lake Cottage
May 2014

I finally finished! Whew! This is my 1st exterior mosaic. This project was so much fun, but my fingertips are a mess; they need to heal before I can start my next glass project! This is an original design.

For the house sign, I used art glass, glass bevels, ball chain & metal house numbers (mounted on nylon spacers). I cut the art glass pieces to size; applied them all to Wediboard (pronounced "weedy board") using thin set; and then grouted & sealed the mosaicked surface & sides. This design is Art Deco, and the roses (white, textured art glass surrounded by smooth-surfaced white art glass) are Mackintosh Roses, an Art Nouveau style (1890-1910) that preceded the Art Deco era (1920s - 1940s).

A special THANK YOU to "calamity_j" on for help with the hanging method on the Wediboard. Your idea was soooo much better than mine!



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my spring horse

posted by: nicethyme on 09.26.2009 at 08:35 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I've had a spring horse waiting in the wings for a while now and had an idea, so I described it to my dad and here's the beginning

Spring horse, reincarnated


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SeaEscape 1 - Mixed Media Mosaic

posted by: segrieb on 01.26.2014 at 12:54 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I had way too much fun making this mixed-media mosaic! My inspiration was an anniversary card from my sister. The front of the card was an animated drawing of a bikini & swim trunks clothes-pinned to a line; no background. I have always wanted to make a seascape mosaic, so I designed a beach scene with beachwear blowing in the breeze. I wanted lots of movement, too. .. rough seas, an approaching storm and windy. In the mosaic, I have used stained glass, shells, all types of small rocks (including pea gravel!), sea glass, plastic seagulls, a ceramic bluebird, wood clothes pins & string, stick-on pearls for the yellow polka-dot bikini next to Under Armour swim trunks, just to name a few materials! Along with quirky techniques, like crackle fingernail polish on the Adirondack chair, I painted some of the rocks in the surf and on the beach with clear fingernail polish for sparkle. I signed & dated the beach ball! Can you find the shark fin? From start to finish, this 17" x 34" mosaic on particle board took 100 hours (changing my mind a 100 times during the process, too!). It is mounted on the wall using a homemade French cleat, and it hangs in my laundry room. Thank you GardenWeb for allowing me to share SeaEscape 1. I welcome your replies and questions. Susan Griebel, Sylvan Lake, Rome City, Indiana. GET INSPIRED!

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adhesive question

posted by: oldcrafty on 01.22.2014 at 11:10 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Has anyone ever posted, or is there a site that gives guidelines as to which adhesive is best for different materials? Such as whats best to adhere tess to cement, glass, wood etc.?


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end table

posted by: oldcrafty on 11.05.2013 at 10:55 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I have a painted wooden end table that I want to mosaic on for my daughter. I have lightly sanded the top and the legs will be painted to co-ordinate with the top when finished. Do I need to do any special prep to the table top so the glass will adhere better? I will be using stained glass because it will be used as an end table so I need a nice smooth surface. My thoughts are to use Mapei thinset to adhere glass. Any other suggestions on what to use to adhere with? Is the pre-mixed thinset better or not a good choice? Got till Christmas to get finished! Wish me luck, cause I'm going to need it. I'm hoping I'm not biting off more that I can handle, but I know I will get some excellent help here.


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More about stepping stones -- you will love this

posted by: silvamae on 09.15.2013 at 12:52 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I just stumbled across this article about making your own stepping stones and I love his idea:

Cut the top 2 1/2 or 3 inches off a round five-gallon bucket and LEAVE the HANDLE attached! Use this as your mold and then after your stone sets up, use the handle to pull the mold up away from your stepping stone. I thought that was so smart!

Below is a link to the article. It's short and has pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stepping Stone Instructions


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stepping stone recipe

posted by: skysis on 09.10.2013 at 08:44 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Hello All,
I'm brand new to this forum and need some help. I've done stained glass for years and am going to try my hand at stepping stones. I have my glass cut and ready to pour but after all the opposng info I see, not sure what to do. I purchased a bag of sanded grout, a bag of Portland Cement, and a bag of fine sand. Now I need to know what to do next. I want the stone to be as smooth as possible because it's going to be donated to raise funds for homeless dogs. My plan was to pour a layer of sanded grout for the top of the stone, then the sand and cement mixture for the remaining stone. Will this work? And what are the best ratios of sand and cement?


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My article about how to mosaic garden stones

posted by: silvamae on 07.21.2013 at 03:52 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I posted about making garden stones some time back and I promised I would come back with pictures showing how to deal with the edges. I decided to write an article for Hubpages about it and would appreciate your reading and critiquing. I've shown lots of pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's article about her garden stones


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Peacock - pt..2

posted by: toomuchglass on 04.02.2012 at 03:51 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Here's part 2 . It looks dull , the pictures just don't show how the rhinestones or mirror glass sparkles.



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WIP -- Peacock

posted by: toomuchglass on 03.27.2012 at 07:41 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I hate posting things that are just started because they're so ugly in the beginning ! But I love the step by step , watching it getting better & better.I know you all do too . This is a Peacock I'm doing . I cut the shape of a peacock out of plywood . ( about 20" square)I painted the whole thing black , because I don't want to use any grout & I wanted any empty spaces to show black. No plan - no directions , just do it as I go. Gulp !!! Here's the
"ugly" beginning :)



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My inspiration pic for the peacock

posted by: toomuchglass on 04.03.2012 at 04:54 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I found this awesome picture online. I copied a few things from it - but I'm going on my own to make it how I like it .

Isn't this just awesome ??? !!!



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RE: Coloring Grout Question (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: wackyweeder on 03.31.2012 at 10:01 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

It is as slow said personal. I am a fan of black charcoal or gray also-very rarely do I venture away from that.
Linda Smith (mosaicsmith) on her blog has a couple of good tutorials for multiple color grouts in a mosaic.
Painting grout-I have done it, you must use a wash, if you use straight undiluted paint it can look thick and unnatural, hence the tackiness you refer to. I would not recommend mixing up all the colors at once-it may set up before you get to use it! Heres some links. Linda, as an artist really has a fine instructional blog.


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Luna moth wip

posted by: concretenprimroses on 07.17.2011 at 03:15 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Last summer a beautiful large (even for them) Luna moth spent the day on the telephone pole outside our house. the children down the street all came to look at it. It flew away in the night. It made quite an impression on me. I got some green tiles and immediately thought of it. I printed a sg pattern from the internet for the shape and proportion but not the "cuts" because I knew that i wanted to use what I had and cut very little.


Yesterday I sealed this pot with masonry sealer. I use it as a pedestal/ plantstand on my screen porch. I'm going to put the outline of the moth on the pot using carbon paper, as a guide. Hopefully I'll get the moth thinset on tonight.


I may mosaic a saucer to go on top of the pot. I haven't decided yet.

TFL Kathy


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paverpol sculpture

posted by: nicethyme on 07.11.2011 at 11:44 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

so on another forum, someone had posted a pic of a fabric sculpture she made in a class she took. and I just had to get this stuff, paverpol. Its a fabric hardener and it can be used on outdoor creations!!!!

I'm not exactly making a pretty woman with flowing skirts and fairy wings but you'll see.

you start by making a wire armature and then wrap it in foil to "thicken" it up

I can't even begin to explain it


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screen doors

posted by: weave1022 on 07.04.2011 at 05:29 pm in Garden Junk Forum

made these a couple years ago...... still standing/!!

Image link: screen doors (57 k)


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RE: I'm on a roll! (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: loribee2 on 06.14.2011 at 10:16 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Thanks, SLOW. Coming from you, that's a very flattering compliment!

In case anyone is interested, I'd created step-by-step instructions on how to make the butterflies. They are on my blog linked below. You may have to scroll down a couple posts to find them. I'd had someone ask, so I thought it would be fun to create a tutorial. Plus, it gave me an excuse to make one more! :-D

Here is a link that might be useful: Loribees Garden Blog


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RE: pvc garden lady (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: chelcass on 05.25.2011 at 04:53 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Found it!! had to go back to 2008. Connie in Virginia, now lives in Louisiana. aka Brattybrat23832 on webshots. This is her album.

Here is a link that might be useful: BrattyBrat


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Basket hangers with beads

posted by: rock_oak_deer on 05.17.2011 at 09:55 am in Garden Junk Forum


Wire basket hangers with pony beads from a GS. The baskets were a door prize from our spring garden swap. I posted this on Texas forum last week and wanted to share this simple idea here too. They are suspended on loops of electrical wire which doesn't damage trees and stays more stable in the wind.



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New WIP, gift for grown up foster daughter

posted by: concretenprimroses on 04.23.2011 at 01:54 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Our dfd loves roses, partly because her mom (who died when dfd was 10) did. So I've been collecting plates with roses for a while. And I chopped them up the other day and realized they looked good (and her taste) with the shimmery glass tile sheet I'd picked up at HD.


See my bucket to my rock tumbler that Calamity gave me? I really put that sucker to use!

Anyway dfd asked me if I had a spare lamp that I could give her. She knows I do because I collected a lot of lamps back when I used to decoupage them. So here is an ugly lamp with 6 somewhat flattish sides, and I have the lower half of 2 sides done...


Just to hurry me along, I told her I'd give her a lamp when I see her next Wednesday! So I've got to be ready to grout on Tuesday!

I hope she likes it. I've got to figure out what to do with the base and the little gap between. The upper part I have figured out, just going to do all the bottoms first.



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Bathroom Plunger craft

posted by: ggks on 10.31.2010 at 03:43 pm in Crafts and Decorations Forum

My computer at home is on the blink but I have something that has never been told about.

Use a new plunger with a wooden handle or a used one that has been scrubbed very clean including the rubber part. Paint the wooden handle whatever color you want. Let dry very dry and then paint the handle with a clear protective coat. If you are using a plunger that has an extra rubber part on the inside, turn it in to the inside so that it will stand up better. Now it is ready to put the rolls of toilet paper on and put in the bathroom. It will hold 5 or 6 rolls.



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RE: Need ideas for Christmas? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: purplemoon on 11.11.2010 at 02:39 am in Holiday Forum

Everything is so cute! Tho the earrings are definitely my favorite thing. Thank you so much for dropping in and sharing it all with us. Hope you come back.

hugs, Karen


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Snowman Tree

posted by: christmascandy on 11.07.2010 at 10:17 pm in Holiday Forum

I made this tree in the early 90's.
He was on an HGTV Christmas special for about 5 seconds, but even so I had a lot of people ask about him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He is made from a pre-lit artificial tree, fiberfill batting, lots of pinecones, faux berries, birds, icicles, and a piece of flannel fabric for his scarf.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He is standing on a 3 legged table with the legs cut down and the 2 front legs are in kids rubber boots.
His face is made of buttons and a faux carrot.
He also has lights inside his body and the 2 where his cheeks would be are red. The interior lights are on a flasher so the lights on the branches stay on all the time and the lights inside him flash on and off.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He is one standing by my childhood sled with a Christmas swag on it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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Here's my latest - mosaic on mesh

posted by: silvamae on 10.29.2010 at 11:19 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

This is a kitty cat that's going to Fort Myers, FL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's hubpages


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New technique I can't live without

posted by: loribee2 on 10.31.2010 at 10:58 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I'm sure some of you veterans have been doing this for years, but I just gave this new technique a shot and it worked so beautifully, I'm hooked for life.

I use thinset for adhesive since all of my mosaics so far are for outdoors. The other night, I put some thinset in a plastic sandwich baggie, cut off a corner and applied it to my project ala pastry bag. OMG, this is the best ever! I had a way easier time getting the right amount into small areas. And best of all, it keeps for days and days. I'm only able to mosaic a few nights a week for a couple hours at a time, and it's wonderful being able to pick up my ready-filled bag, pull off the little bit of thinset that dried over the tip and have at it. When I'm done, there's no clean-up. I just set the bag down, close up for the night and it's there waiting to go next time.

I love this! I know from seeing an old post that some have already been using this technique for years, but I wanted to bring it back up in case there are newbies out there who haven't tried it. This works beautifully for small projects where you want to work on a little section at a time.


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White Box

posted by: slowmedown on 11.11.2010 at 10:35 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Inspired by Waschbear, an artist on Flickr, and w/her permission to post, I copied her concept for mosaicing a box in all white tess. Her work is soooooo beautiful, and I wanted to try her technique of push/squish. Didn't get the flow right, but I'm sorta happy w/the results. W/have been much better had I had white mortar on hand, but all I had was grey. This started out being HARD, but I slept on it, and the next day, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I plan to mo a tissue holder and vase to make a set of three pieces.
White Box


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