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RE: Costco WR Toilet (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: ohioburner on 03.30.2007 at 11:21 am in Bathrooms Forum

OK, I've been asking myself the same questions regarding the Costco toilet for ~85 bucks, since it seems like a really decent price for all that's included. I just don't want to get stuck with a cr@ppy toilet, though, if you know what I mean.

So, I called the tech support number on the box (it's 866-789-2273 for those like me, who couldn't find it on the web ANYWHERE, and had to go to the store to find it), and after several calls to different CSRs, I was able to find that the manufacturer is Globe Union, and the WaterRidge is Costco's private label manufactured by Globe Union.

Upon further research, I found that Globe Union also sells some Gerber products (toilet paper holders, etc.), but not specifically toilets. That's when the eureka! moment came to me, and I checked the Gerber website to see what their toilets physically looked like. After some more research, I think I may have found the sister-model to our Costco John. What I found is that the Gerber "Viper" model is similar in physical looks of the trap (the tank of the Costco model has a side flush handle on the tank, though), both models come with Flushmaster fill valves, have glazed trapways, and, most importantly, the model numbers are surprisingly similar.

The Costco model that I'm looking at has a model number 912129 or C21572WH. My assumption is that the "C" is for "Costco", and the "WH" is for "white". That leaves us with 21572.

The Gerber Viper models are listed here: (hope the link works, otherwise just copy & paste)

It appears that, for the Gerber models, 21-552 is the round-bowl Viper, and 21-562 is the elongated-bowl Viper. Our Costco 21-572 would seem to fit in to this pattern well. Further specs of the Gerber Viper are found here:

One thing to note is that the Costco toilet that I looked at was clearly marked as made in China. I'm not sure, but I think Gerbers may be made in the US, so there might be a difference in quality, and your decision to buy US v. China products may weigh in.

While not receiving the highest MaP score for the amount of solids it can flush, the Gerber Viper elongated-front non-ADA bowl received respectable ratings from the latest (March 2007) independent test at:

So, if the Costco toilet is very similar to the Gerber, I'd assume the Costco model would perform quite similarly. Considering the Costco model has a lifetime warranty on parts (and all the parts are included), and that Costco has its no-questions-asked indefinite return policy, the Costco toilet may become my choice after all.

Please, if anyone has any further info on these, post here with your info. I hope I've been helpful.



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