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RE: OT-Chastised (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: noocha on 12.22.2007 at 02:20 pm in Quilting Forum

Sad, but true....there is always someone who just lives to cause a little trouble. They're just not happy unless things are in a big up-roar. These people search for ways to make trouble and unfortunately, Dorothy, they decided to pick on you.
Most of us here know your heart was in the right place. Rise above them, Dorothy, and learn from this.

Oh! Bull crap!
That is so condescending! Rise above them?

Dorothy did it with a good heart, I have no doubt about that. But she should have consulted with woodsy about it before posting here. Woodsy could have posted here if she chose to. She didn't. What should have stayed privately between the 2 people concerned was then posted here AGAIN by one of those people. Now, who is at fault?


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