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Pls Show Me Your Grey Cabinets with Black (or dark) Granite!

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 09.21.2012 at 10:56 pm in Kitchens Forum


I saw a thread for grey cabinets with marble counter tops on GW and have seen numerous images in my own Google Image search but nothing with black counter tops.

We are leaning towards black counter tops with a marble back splash (carerra).

Would love to see any pics if anyone has done this before!

Thanks in advance!!!


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2 Base Cabinets in Peninsula - wall between them or not? drawers?

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 09.21.2012 at 11:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Are going to put in two base cabinets back to back - they are going to be custom so I was asked if we wanted them to go all the way through so we could store larger platters or if we wanted a wall between the two. Thoughts?

And would you have drawers, regular cabinet doors with shelves or a combo on the set that faces the kitchen? The other side will be regular doors as we will have bar stools up against them. I think the answer might have a lot to do with how you answer the above question but maybe it wouldn't matter?

We have a VERY small kitchen so this peninsula with base cabinets (going where they are tearing out a wall) is key to meeting our storage needs (not sure if that helps with how you'd answer the above but thought I'd throw that out there just in case) ;)

Thanks for your insight!


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Would this work with my house?

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 07.13.2012 at 01:09 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Why I have everyone excited about helping me fix something else on our house via this forum, I thought I'd ask something else about the front of our house.

Here is the front of our house -

We plan to replace the steps and walkway with concrete (no more bricks). We have rec'd bids and to do the apron on the bottom steps will cost anywhere from $500-1k more just for the apron.

#1 - Do you think the extra cost is worth it on the bottom steps to incl the apron or not?

#2 - What type of handrails would you use? We have a chunky (boxy) house so I thought these might fit it well vs. the painted wrought iron handles that flare outwards (nice but perhaps too dainty for our house or do you think it highlights the design in our windows?) -

#3 - we have the option to keep the stairs flaring or going straight. Obviously w/ the wood handrails, straight is the answer but if y'all say wrought iron (whether painted or not), would you suggest flaring like it currently does?

Thanks as always!


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From Walkway to Side Yard Gate - What to do?

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 07.10.2012 at 01:08 am in Landscape Design Forum

What would you do with this space?


(already have green hostas, variegated hostas, incredibal hydrangeas and yews in front yard - annuals incl red geranium ivy)

(view of house from front so you can see if balance is needed - arborvitae on left side surrounded by incredibal hydrangeas and some variegated hostas) - house will eventually be painted all white! :-)

Just had fence put in and trellis over gate (which still needs a handle/latch). I had fallen in love with the "t trellis" idea and family did the fence created this. I like it but do not love it as much as I did the pictures I showed them (doesn't have posts showing for something to grow up from the front view/angle). Don't have heart to tell them but I'm not loving it... :(

Anyway, torn on whether to cut down or leave and hope I can get ramblin red rose (climbing) to grow up front to make it look like we have posts on this side.

Also could put red rose bush where hostas currently are (can move these to side yard where we need something).
I need to do new pathway from front walk thru gate - was thinking flagstone - previous owner had grass.
And clearly the yew needs to be moved away from house to allow for more growth in the future.

Please advise on plants to put on right side of yard (yew to stay and hopefully eventually be even across entire front of house). I also welcome suggestions for walkway material (grass, decomposed granite w/ flagstone steps or mulch with flagstone steps, etc.)



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What color would you go with?

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 04.19.2012 at 12:55 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I figure this is the right forum since color is mentioned several times and that is exactly the issue I'm dealing with...

White stucco house
Mellow yellow door
Brown stained wood steps

What color patio would you go with?

We have these brown brick pavers from demo of old deck (dealing with questions surround that on sep posting...) - would you stick to these or go for a grey cobblestone?

Hopefully this link will work - Landscaping/IMG_5739.jpg

*Pretend price wasn't an issue, what would you suggest? Change them or go with what we already have?


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Updates Made - Now What? (pictures included)

posted by: newhomeowner2011a on 07.09.2012 at 11:26 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum


I posted a few months ago about whether or not to keep our old patio pavers when we re-did the patio and most people suggested we keep them. We did and outlined them in a different paver since we didn't have enough to make it the size we wanted.

Y'all also advised me about door paint color - still yet to be changed! I am torn between red and white. White isn't very exciting but might make the most sense (plus, as my husband always is reminding me... "think resale!"). I was also advised to tone down the brown back steps - basically re-stain them a more muted (dirt) brown or go with a grey stain (still need to do too!).

The new questions -

1. What color umbrella?
2. What color pillows?
3. What color pots (and location on patio)?

I was thinking navy umbrella, navy/white patterned pillows (just on the end chairs) and maybe the navy pots in the picture. (would go with white door probably in this case)

Or maybe just try to match the cushions with the umbrella color (neutral). Then I could add pops of color with the flowers in the pots and the pillows.

I have lots of pots -
Navy - one in each size (pictured) plus one that is a completely different shape from the rest
Light Grey - 2 XS, 2 small and 1 medium
Dark Grey - 2 XS, 1 small
Brown - 1 of each size plus an extra medium
Tan - 2 small

(fence and basement windows were just replaced - hence the mess in our yard! house still needs to all be repainted white)






Here is another place we could use some pots - this is our side yard where there will soon be a flagstone walkway in dark mulch. Thoughts on what colors to use here?

I'm not "married' to these pots and think they are just okay - they were hand-me-downs - just thought I'd try to use them if I could make it look good in the space. I'm happy to get rid of all of them and get 1-2 really large ones if that might look better. (basically, I'm open to suggestions!)

Also, wanted to note that our neighbor has a red umbrella that we can see from our space which is why I'm shying away from a red umbrella - not necessarily a red door though...


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