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Sunken foyer decor ideas?

posted by: new.phase on 01.04.2014 at 01:29 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Our house has a large sunken foyer (roughly 8x9) opening to our dining room. One side has closet and the other wall is empty. Because it's sunken, ceiling is roughly 10 ft. I'll try to get a picture but I'm currently on my phone

I tried putting an ottoman there for seating and it just looks incomplete. I'm thinking of putting a small dresser for storage (unsorted mail, keys etc i hat the hooks look), but I'm not sure if that'll compete with the seating. I've trying to find some ideas online but it hasn't been easy. You people are very resourceful, please help??


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what chaise to freshen up these chairs?

posted by: michoumonster on 01.01.2014 at 09:24 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Hi everyone, i have a pair of orange leather armchairs. they look kind of like this pic.
in general, we like contemporary/eclectic, but the armchairs feel more traditional i think. they are super comfy though, so i want to use them in my living room along with a chaise or loveseat of some sort.
i would love to freshen up the look a bit with the new piece of furniture and accessories.
What color and styles would you choose to go with the armchairs?

thank you for your suggestions!!


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