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RE: Insulate basement myself or hire it out? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: worthy on 09.13.2006 at 08:16 pm in Basements Forum

I was going to give you the stock answer--dampproof the interior foundation wall, replace the batts and vapour barrier as per Codes.

But the fact is that Building Codes are woefully behind building science research into the best ways to ensure healthy, energy efficient basement living space. (See the link below.)

I'd rip out the framing you have--chances are the builder didn't even place dampproofing beneath the plate. Then fix board-type insulation against the walls, eg., Styrofoam SM, with either the appropriate adhesive or concrete fasteners and fender washers, seal the joints with air-barrier tape (red and very sticky) caulk the joints at the top and insulate and caulk between the joists at the rim (NO BATTS).

Next, build a stud wall, preferably of light gauge steel, add batts if you want to superinsulate or just drywall without a vapour barrier. (This is the way I did our custom home last year--though unfortunately, the inspector insisted on the vapour barrier.) And it's the way I intend to finish a custom home I am doing for a client starting next January.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement Insulation Systems


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