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Backsplash ideas for Bianco Antico w Espresso Cabinets

posted by: kitchenrookie on 06.10.2009 at 06:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Doing a complete kitchen remodel. Decided on Cherry Espresso Cabinets (yes dark) with Bianco Antico granite countertops (see pic of the type of granite) along with stainless steel applicances and a stainless hood over range, the floor is a light color gray slate porcelain tile in 18x18). looking for some backsplash ideas. I realize the "safe play" would be white subway tiles, however all along in this process i've tried to shy away from being "safe". the best design ideas usually step it up a bit. i really like glass mosaic rectangular)

any and all ideas are welcome. thank you.

here is the picture of the granite (not my kitchen)


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Any experience with Duravit Kitchen Sinks?

posted by: neshanicguy on 04.21.2013 at 08:55 am in Kitchens Forum

Good Morning all! Can anyone give me any advice / experience with Duravit kitchen sinks? I'm looking at: es/

It will be going into a white Cesarstone countertop so I like the clean modern look of it. TIA.


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Fast advice needed please!

posted by: neshanicguy on 03.18.2013 at 12:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'd like to get some feedback on our current "problem". We've admired certain kitchens that we've seen online that have a modern/transitional look. We live in an area that is UBER traditional. So we wound up corresponding with a designer whose portfolio we LOVED. Over several weeks of measuring, skyping etc, we got the kitchen design that we always wanted. Problem is that out search to find a local cabinet builder that has experience with the materials (European laminates) has left us wanting. We had plenty of referrals that stated " oh wow, that's awesome! I'd like to TRY that". Problem is that we aren't willing to be anyone's guinea pigs. So in a nutshell, we are currently looking at only 2 viable quotes:

Quote 1 - is a local custom builder who wants to use different laminates that the designer wants (note - designer is NOT on board with the laminates he specified as they are lower quality).
Quote 2 - would be to have the cabinets built in Canada by the designers own team and have them shipped to us (East Coast) and installed by a local GC.

Believe it or not, quote #1 is a whopping $10K higher!! Seriously.

I wanted to put this out there to see the opinion of the board. The idea of having the builder local to take care of unforeseen issues is attractive to me. But I guess with a $10k savings I can afford to have the remote builder flown in (and in first class) to fix issues.

What are your thoughts / experiences? Has anyone ever had custom cabinets/furniture built remotely (i.e. far away) and shipped to you?

Thanks for your help!


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