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RE: Kitchen Layout HELP!!!! (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: lisa_a on 01.31.2014 at 02:28 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm so glad I was able to help!

I think there's a way to get two seats at the island but I need to know exactly where that post is. I need the dimensions for the distances between top wall and right top corner of the post and between the right side wall and the right top corner of the post (see red lines on drawing).

 photo nene45B-1.jpg

Re: your question about width of the island. If you only do one row of 24" deep cabs, then your island would be 27" wide. If you do a row of 24" deep cabs back to back with a run of shallow cabs (9"-12", depending on that pillar and other clearances), then your island would be deeper by that much. If you add seats, your island would be 40.5" deep.

27" deep island:
24" deep cabs
3" total counter overhang (1.5" overhang on all sides)

36" deep island (as your KD drew)
24" deep cabs along front
9" deep cabs along the back
3" total counter overhang

40.5 deep island
24" deep cabs along front
1.5" counter overhang along the front
15" seating overhang (this is the minimum rec per NKBA).

Given the space constraints due to the post, your island will likely be a combination of depths to give you what you want. I'll know more once you provide the post's dimensions to me. Also, could you explain more what you mean by "...I am going to angle the one side and have a built in Niche' with a tall sculpture with accent lighting." Angle in which direction? Towards the bottom right corner of the drawing? I'm quite confused what you mean by this. I also don't know what you mean by "The column protrudes about 8 inches." Do you mean the support post? It's 8" in diameter? Or do you mean the wall with the niche in it is 8" wide?

You can include an appliance garage in the top right corner of the kitchen in my Plan A or B. That seems the most convenient location since it would be close to a water source and mostly likely close to where you'll store you coffee cups.

For some odd reason, the end of my final sentence in my post above went missing so I'll finish my thought now. I've no idea whether 1 bank of drawers will house your "complete set of 8 dinner plates, bowls, salad plates, etc." I don't know the size of your plates or what the etc includes. The best way to figure out how much storage you need is to mock up a drawer with the depth and width of your proposed drawer - blue painters tape on your counter would work - and lay your dishes "inside" the drawer. Remember to mark the inside dimensions of the drawer, not the outside dimensions. The inside of a drawer will likely be around 3" narrower than the cab but that will depend on your cab construction.

......I thought I'd seen the worst of the designs by your KD but I was wrong. That last one completely ignores the NKBA recommendations for clearance space around a cook top - at least 12" on one side and 15" on the other. You're not getting your money's worth out of him at all and I'm really sorry about that, for your sake.

Thanks for the compliment, hollysprings and sena!


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RE: Kitchen Layout HELP!!!! (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: lisa_a on 01.30.2014 at 04:01 am in Kitchens Forum

If I'm reading your space dimensions correctly, your KD is dreaming if he thinks your 137" wide kitchen can accommodate a row of perimeter cabs, a 40.5 island (24" deep cabs, 1.5" counter overhang, 15" seating overhang) and adequate aisles between perimeter and island (rec 42") and behind island stools (rec 44"). To do what he's suggesting, your kitchen would need to be at least 15" wider.

True, there is a large opening behind the island stools but the opening would need to be wider than the island in order to have sufficient clearance between wall and island at the ends of the island (you'll see what I mean when you look at my drawing below).

I also wondered why he had so much wasted space between the island and the window/door wall. My rough estimate is that there is about 72". I looked at your drawings and I can't figure out what possible reason there could be to leave that large a space underused.

So here's an idea for you.

 photo nene45A.jpg

First off, I eliminated the pantry cabs in favor of a walk-in pantry next to the fridge, as you proposed. It was the first thing I thought of when I looked at the room's odd shape.

I created an L lay-out, moving the clean-up sink and DW to the window/door wall.

I reduced the depth of the island to a single row of 24" deep cabs with 1.5" counter overhang. The island location did not change. I estimated the length of the island based on my guess that the fridge is set back about 8" from the basement stairway doorway. I added a prep sink to it to create a good work triangle between pantry, fridge, oven, MW and cook top. I placed the sink in from the right end of the island so that you could have a 24" deep cab, facing the sink and DW, for dishes and silverware storage. I kept the left end of the island free for fridge, pantry and oven landing zone.

Oh, yeah, I eliminated the cook top bump-out. You just don't have the luxury of space to do that. Besides, when I think of ultra modern design, I envision stream-lined shapes.

You could bring the fridge and pantry forward to be even with the basement stairs door, too. You'd have a bit of dead space behind the fridge but you'd gain a slightly deeper pantry. You'd need to shorten the island a little bit but at 93" long, you could lose a few inches without a problem.

In Plan B, I did just that.

 photo nene45B.jpg

The yellow behind the fridge denotes a void space.

I also modified the island shape to allow you to have 3 seats at the island. Wasn't sure how critical that is for you.


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