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RE: Can someone please link me to plllog's kitchen? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: plllog on 07.01.2011 at 08:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Sorry. :) Big box of grout, still. Still no finished pictures, though there were some in the testing of the new FKB. Yes, "her".

Is there anything in particular you want to see? I have more photos than are online.

This is the one I usually use. The hood currently needs polishing (big job) because of workman handprints, so doesn't look as fine at the moment. :)


Here's more of a view of the kitchen--and clutter. It was taken to show some feature of the island rather than as a beauty shot:


I also have the tile tour, which shows all of the tiles, rather than the kitchen proper. It's very hard to capture the colors without professional lighting, so I tried to get as much as possible in pure daylight--the more saturated ones in the middle are pretty close to the real thing. The hood photo has the u/c's and hood halogens on, so there's a yellow wash, but the colors are pretty true on my screen, nonetheless. The daylight tile tour is a bit washed out.

Thanks for asking! I'm happy to answer any questions.


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Kitchen progress pics (a 'little Redroze' kitchen!)

posted by: thrilledtoremodel on 08.01.2009 at 09:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello all,

As some of you know, I fell desperately in love with Redroze's kitchen a few months ago. I am attempting to do a mini version of her kitchen, with some tweaks:

-we went with w/golden oak floors, to match the rest of our main floor, too lazy to refinish existing floors :)

-our cabinets were built from a 'soft maple'- great for painting, not staining. So our island is a painted dark brown, not stained.

-our cabinet maker could not replicate all of the lovely detail on her cabinet's faceframe, he didn't have the right tools.

I am sure there are other things, but I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Redroze, your taste is exquisite!

Here's the before:

And here's the "in progress":

And the cabinets are delivered- hurray!

My wall love love...

pardon the lighting...the cabinets are white (Benjamin moore Chantilly Lace of course!)

And an idea from my gardenweb friends- a pullout cabinet, with the top drawer separate- so you can easily access items...

Also went with a 90 degree right turn on the corner- my old cabinets had a 45 degree turn and it always felt like it was 'in my face' ;)

More to come, i'll keep y'all posted!



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RE: Rug and decor questions, specifically Arts and Crafts style (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: auntjen on 02.10.2009 at 01:07 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I read through your other thread about this rug yesterday, but didn't respond. As one who has both a strong affinity for Mission furnishings (I bought numerous Stickley pieces several years ago, and can't imagine not having them in my home) and beautiful rugs, I do understand how you want to pull your look together and create an absolutely beautiful room.

That said, I also know only too well what it's like to become "fixated" on one particular rug -- one that costs a small fortune, but you just can't seem to tear yourself away from it! (I've often said I have a "rug fetish"! LOL!) While the rug that you've linked is beautiful, I do indeed think that you can achieve a beautiful room by incorporating rugs that do not speak strictly to the Arts & Crafts/Mission style, and to be honest, I would find a room that held the requisite furnishings and a rug that was more eclectic to be far more interesting than one in which everything screamed "Stickley catalog!"

Here are a couple of examples of rooms that I think are stunning, and as you can see, the rugs used are strictly in the A&C style. (Oh, and I believe the bottom pic featuring the chair is indeed from the Stickley catalog - at least one of the versions that I have!)

This last picture brings to mind the bold, graphic inspiration of the Navajo rug (although I'm sure the rug itself is not Navajo), which has long been a very popular addition to A&C/Mission-style rooms. Now, if I were in the market for a really expensive rug a/k/a work of art, I would dearly love to be able to invest in a room-sized genuine Navajo ... but I can't even begin to imagine having that kind of "rug money" as a part of my disposable income. ;-)


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RE: Please vote on backsplash concept - balancing vintage/industr (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: ccoombs1 on 01.28.2009 at 09:54 am in Kitchens Forum

Why not do the tiles AND the shelf thingy? I am not a big fan of S/S back splashes....I think they can overpower the kitchen, especially when there are so many stainless appliances to begin with. But my hood has warming lights that I wanted to take advantage of, so I got an IKEA shelf and mounted it to the wall and then tiled over the mounting brackets. I love the result.



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RE: I can't find the soapstone we want in our area. (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: mary_in_nc on 01.02.2009 at 04:13 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi Amy! Welcome to Asheville! I live up near UNCA. Asheville Kitchen Tops installed my Green Mountain Original PA. It is black with veins. If you take a flash picture of it you will see green but in every day light it is black. I love it. It is hard. It's been in for about 8 months now. No complaints.

Asheville Kitchen Tops-670-1315

Also, Benbow Cabinets did my kitchen and I think they have someone new they are working with for soapstone. They can help you get connected. 281-2700

Feel free to email me with any questions through the link on my page.



Green Mountain Original P.A.


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RE: Too many tile choices!!! (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: sheilaaus122 on 08.31.2008 at 11:29 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I agree there are too many tile choices. I think all of the above are lovely and I am sure the nuances reveal quite differently in real life. That said, I really like the second one Panaria Kult if I am reading it correctly-and the last one. I think any of the accents would still allow different towel and accessory colors- the tiles are so neutral that they could be just a gorgeous soothing background canvas so to speak.
If you want to get more dizzy, (HA!!!)the tile i used for my kitchen backsplash was incredibly stonelooking porcelain so I can relate. I love the look of real stone and kept being drawn back to it, but also did not want any issues with maintenance. Not sure of the accent tiles, but the one I got is MONOCIBEC and the style is GRAAL, the color I got is sinclair. I dont know where they get these names.

Here is a link that might be useful: monocibec


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Infinite thanks! We are finished!

posted by: jaymielo on 11.17.2008 at 05:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

I want to send out a huge thank you to all the people who lent me advice, opinions and their experience in the last 2 years. I'm an eternally grateful! Pulling those last few things together proved to be very painful, but we are finally almost there. I'm sure some of you observant TKOs will notice the few remaining items to be done, but this is as good as it gets. Here is an overall shot of the space.


Details... The cabinets are Amish made of quartersawn white oak with miniwax Red Oak stain. The floors are quartersawn red oak with no stain. The counters are Green Mountain Original soapstone.

This is our nook. The table, which we had custom made, comfortably seats our family of four for casual dinners. We have two more chairs and 2 leaves which we can add for a little bigger dinner. The secretary in the hutch folds down and provides a writing surface plus a place to stash mail and odds and ends.


The kitchen itself sits behind the nook. The formal dining room is through the door at the end of the kitchen. I wanted to wine fridge and "real" fridge as well as the pantry on the edges of the kitchen so they could be accessed by guests or the kids without getting in the way for the cooks.


We have additional seating for four at the island, which is handy when we are cooking for company or for breakfast or snacks for the boys.


The faucet is the Kohler Simplice and the sink is the ever popular single bowl Ticor. I'm very happy with them both. You can also see our giant cutting block in this picture. For a while we toyed around with the idea of making part of the island butcher block, but I'm happy with the compromise we struck. The fridge an Amana French door.


The range is a Blue Star 36", which is dream to cook on. The hood is by Futuro and the backsplash was custom made by Artistic Abode based on some line drawings I provided.


The Micro is an Advantium 120. It is a convection so it serves as our second oven and we are really enjoying the combination of that with the Blue Star range. Our reach in pantry has custom made cafe doors which match our cabinets and a pendant light which matches the pendants over our island and in the nook.


And here is the pantry itself. It is small but mighty!


Thank you again to everyone who patiently contributed to my threads. Building this kitchen was a pleasure. I wonder if I'll ever get to do it again...


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RE: I love my prep sink! (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: morton5 on 12.13.2008 at 09:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Budgeteer, here is a pic of the cabinet innards:
Each pullout is a deep drawer, with a cabinet door affixed to the front. The wood divider in the center is screwed to the bottom of the cab, and a drawer glide is attached to each side. The other drawer glides are attached to the sides of the cab (so there are 2 glides per pullout, just like a regular drawer). My cabs are frameless (Ikea). You can see that my carpenter had to jigsaw out a bit of the divider to allow the plumbing to fit. He also had to clip the back corner of the right drawer to allow room for the disposal cord. Key to getting this arrangement to work was having the plumbing waste pipe placed as far back in the cabinet as possible. Also, you must have a single bowl sink. There is about 3" of dead space behind each drawer, so that is where the plumbing waste and supply pipes and Never MT are. I still had room for soft close on the left pullout, but not on the right (waste pipe interfered slightly). The 8-gallon trash cans I use are about 3" narrower than the width of the pullout, so that they can clear the disposal. Surprisingly, I don't find that they move around-- the pullout operates smoothly. It is really great having both trash and recycling right by my prep sink.

Jnjmom, the granite is Madura Gold. I absolutely love it, which kind of surprises me because I did not consider myself a granite lover when I embarked on this project. An extra bonus is it really hides dirt-- though that can be a problem, too!

Owls4me, thanks for your compliment about the floor, we had the floors patched and refinished as part of the remodel. We used Minwax golden oak stain and 3 coats of oil-based poly. They were prefinished unstained floors before, and they look so much better now that they are stained. I love the color, the grain is really enhanced, and color and grain together are very kid-friendly and easy to keep good-looking. As for sink placement, I placed the sink off-center for several reasons. Most importantly, I wanted a large span of uninterrupted work space. Another factor was that my range wall is not symmetrical, so a centered sink would have highlighted the lack of symmetry. Finally, I have two seats opposite the prep area at the left end of the island in the photo below; I did not want to reach over a sink to serve diners. The paint job should be finished this week, and then I'll post more pics.
HTH, and good luck!


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I love my prep sink!

posted by: morton5 on 12.13.2008 at 10:57 am in Kitchens Forum

Forgive me for bragging, but I love my prep sink. It is close to my refrigerator, range, and ovens, and has 66 inches of counter space and two drawer stacks beside it:
What makes it really special, though, is how much my GC was able to fit into a 30" sink base for me. I have a 16x21x10 zero radius sink, a compact disposal with airswitch, a Never MT, and two 8-gallon trash pullouts. The trash cans (Ikea) come with a dividing mechanism, so when warm weather returns I can separate my non-recyclable trash into compost stuff and dump stuff. We were able to do all this with just millimeters to spare, but we did it! The trash pullout set-up is a modification I learned from Ikeafans.
The only sacrifice I had to make was that we had to flip the orientation of the zero-radius sink in order to fit the plumbing in the space between the trash cans. But I have grown to like it this way (water hits the drain better), and wish I had turned around my main sink, too. My GC is my hero!


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RE: Choosing exterior colors.... red windows?? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: mightyanvil on 08.31.2006 at 11:49 pm in Building a Home Forum

These are Marvins in sort of a deep cranberry red but the color doesn't show up so well in the photos. The carriage house next to it is entirely red. Benjamin Moore Cottage Red. It was so nice I painted my garage the same color.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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faucet comparison: warning - huge file

posted by: cate1337 on 02.14.2008 at 06:10 pm in Kitchens Forum

Kitcen Faucets Comparison

Disclaimer: Information accurate to the best of my abilities. Prices from a search about a week ago, and bold text reflects my personal preferences. Do with it what you may.


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RE: Paging ALKU05 - Prep Sink Question (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: alku05 on 01.03.2008 at 08:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ok, Dave I took some pictures for you! I hope you can see what you need to. I'll do my best to talk you through the pictures. In a nutshell, there's plenty of room in the cabinet for plumbing stuff and storage. However, the surface space (countertop area) is limited b/c the sink takes most of it up.

All we have in the sink base is the sink, a pulldown faucet and an ISE compact evolution disposal with an airswitch. The wierd black thing in the back right corner is a mesh bag that holds the pullout hose so it doesn't get tangled on anything (it came with the faucet). You can easily see the disposal and the plug for it. Take special note of the two vertical black pipes in the rear. These make up the vent and drain system for the sink. It's basically an upside down U-shape that runs behind the sink. That's why we were so limited in the front-back room for the sink and faucet.


Front underside of sink:
We have 2cm granite, so we had to have a plywood underlayment. That's the wood you see by the sink. (If you need to use underlayment, be forwarned that you'll have to route a groove for the sink lip to sit in. This sink's lip is not flat.)


Looking up from the base of the cabinet along the back wall:
(The wood shown in the bottom half of the picture is the back wall of the cabinet, and the wood you see on the top part is the counter underlayment.) Here you can see the vent loop I mentioned before. The airswitch is the cord hanging from the hole in the underlayment located to the left of the sink. You can (kinda) see the shutoff valves in the bottom right.


Faucet corner:
This creative angle was attempt to show the where the faucet is. I think this was a failed attempt, but I included it because you never know...


Shutoff valves:
These are located on the back wall of the cabinet just right of center.


Hope this helps! Let me know if you can't get your bearings with the pictures, or if you need shots of anything else.


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RE: Paging ALKU05 - Prep Sink Question (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: alku05 on 01.03.2008 at 11:32 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi Dave,

This is going to be a quicky post b/c I've gotta leave for work, but I can give you more details and pictures this evening.

It is a Ticor round sink, and the interior measurement is 16" in diameter. It's the S905, and it is installed in an 18" wide framless sink base. We ended up choosing it b/c the square and rectangular sinks I wanted weren't going to fit. The problem wasn't with the width of the cabinet, but how much room we had from front-to-back once the island vent plumbing was installed. Indeed, I posted here in a panic questioning whether a round prep sink was a useful shape, or if I should choose a dinky rectangular one (or mount a rectangular one sideways, yuck!)

I got an overwhelmingly positive response on the round sink. And on top of that, it has exceeded my expectations. B/c it's 16" wide, even cutting boards, big colanders and pots fit in there with room to spare. The only kicker was (and I knew this before ordering) that the faucet had to be mounted in the corner b/c the sink occupied the entire available distance from front to back.

An added bonus is that the round sink looks more decorative than the utilitarian square/rectangular ones. I'm by far a function first person, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the prettiness second!



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RE: Paging ALKU05 - Prep Sink Question (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: alku05 on 01.05.2008 at 08:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

Sarschlos, glad I could help!

Dave, my faucet is a Brizo Floriano in a SS finish. If you prefer a sleeker style, check out their Venuto faucet. We have the smaller floriano (bar/prep version) at our prep sink. It's a pulldown, and you switch it between spray and stream by rotating the ring at the bottom of the nozzle. No need to hold anything down for spray, and the setting stays the same until you change it.

We have the full sized version at our main sink. That one has a toggle button that locks in place for spray. You don't have to hold the toggle down, but it automatically switches back to stream when the faucet turns off. Also, if the water temperature is full hot, it won't lock on spray; you have to hold it there. I'm not sure if that quirk is an intended safety function or not, but I choose to view it as such.

Both faucets' nozzles lock onto the stem via quarter turn. I have heard recently from another GWer that brizo is replacing that locking system with a magnetic one. Either way, you'll never have a dangling nozzle. The matching soap dispenser is really nice too, and I like that it has a big knob on top so that I can use my wrist to push it when I have icky hands. On the same note, the faucet handle is easy to manipulate with your wrist too.

We're extrememly pleased with both faucets and I wholeheartedly recommend them with no reservations. Just brace yourself for their pricetags; they're quite pricy. Definitely get quotes from online vendors. Although the websites aren't allow to post Brizo faucets online, most do carry them at significant discounts. You'll need to phone or email for a price quote, but it'll be worth it. I ordered mine from and


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RE: Can I see your message centers? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: julie7549 on 11.12.2007 at 06:13 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thank you for the compliments! The chalkboard area was in our architectural plans,per our request, and our contractor put it all together. They started the project by framing it in with crown molding to match what is over our doors and windows. Then they glued a very pristine (no ripples, marks) piece of sheet metal inside the frame and then paintd it with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard area is 56" x 28". My kids are now 22 & 25. I wish we would've had this when they were home and in school. It is so convenient! I keep a perpetual shopping list on is as well as our calendar, invites, etc. I am always changing the saying. Right now it says "it all began because two people fell in love".


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RE: Can I see your message centers? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: julie7549 on 11.11.2007 at 11:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here is ours. We have a magnetic chalkboard. Our phone sits on the cabinet but the outlet/connection is inside the cabinet. In the cabinet I store pens, pencils, tablets, phone books, batteries, etc.


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soonermagic is moved in!!! LOTS of pics!

posted by: soonermagic on 11.13.2007 at 12:12 am in Building a Home Forum

We've been in for about 3 weeks now and while most of our stuff is unpacked, we're still furniture shopping and tweaking, and we have no window treatments yet. So most of these pics are of empty spaces just before we moved in. Can say that we're loving the house thus far and it exceeds our highest expectations, so the pain of the too-long building process is already diminishing. For those that may not have followed our story, we tore down a house a couple of blocks from the Univ of Okla and built new, but to look as if it's a renovated 1940's era house. One of the very first tear downs here.
Here's the exterior:

Front Door (custom made of knotty alder with custom stain):

Here's the kitchen (custom, site-built cabinets):

A better shot of the island:


From kitchen back towards front door, main living space (those are walnut hardwoods):

Our Master Bath (steam shower & funky way-too-expensive bathtub):

Laundry room cubbies:

Landing (with custom bookshelves):

Future Kids Bathroom (delirium granite--green & purple--much more impressive in person):

Linen Closet Hutch (narrow room, so hard to get good angle):

Guest Bath (Red Dragon Granite):


Tiny backyard, fully landscaped (view from balcony off gameroom):

Detached Garage behind house:


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RE: Anyone have bail pulls or drop pulls on their drawers? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: vjrnts on 01.05.2008 at 11:07 am in Kitchens Forum

I liked this collection of pulls from Lee Valley Hardware. I wanted, originally, the drop pulls with the back plate on the bottom for the drawers and the knobs with the backplate at the middle left for the cabinets. I installed them on my old kitchen drawers before demolition started to see if I wanted them on the new drawers.

Oddly, I was annoyed by the sound they made when I dropped them, so I opted for cup pulls. Plus, I think cup pulls are easier to manage when you may only have one hand to work with.

They were a good look, though.


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