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RE: Bertazzoni Thread #3 (Follow-Up #68)

posted by: nate_sr on 04.05.2007 at 11:15 pm in Appliances Forum

Plumorchard and how88; My wife and I recently purchased the Bertazzoni 36" stainless steel oven based on the recommendations, reviews and opinions posted particularly by the two of you. The photos posted were also a factor in the purchase of the unit as well. We purchased the Broan 36" professional stainless steel hood and now have to vent the unit through an internal wall behind the oven, make a 90 degree right turn and travel approximately 10 feet to an outside wall to install the exhaust fan. Our question is, based on the photo posted by How88, showing his Broan hood with the filers on each side, how did you run your vent and exhaust fan. The photo appears to suggest that you ran a duct behind or into your cabinet above and into the wall. Additionally, I read that you were encouraged to purchase a deeper cabinet to accomodate the duct work. Can the duct work be run from the rear puch out on the hood in stead of the top opening? Can you describe in more detail the installation process to finalize the hood and vent install? Or, do you have other suggestions on an alternative to connecting the duct work from the top of the hood. My desire is to preserve the cabinet space above the hood if possible. In case you would like to communicate with me via email, my email address is and my name is Nate, Sr. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA, otherwise simply post here. i will keep checking for you response or the response from others reading this post. Thanks, Nate, Sr.


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