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RE: Putting pictures on a cd-r.......... (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: lydia1959 on 09.19.2008 at 11:16 am in Kitchen Table Forum


I wasn't really sure which type to buy either, but the CD-R works great and I was able to add pictures, then go back and add more later.

This is how I did mine. Put the blank cd into the drive first. Went to 'my computer' clicked on 'floppy disc' (cause that is where some of my pictures were), then right clicked the one I wanted , then clicked 'save as' 'F drive' (yours might be 'E drive'). Once they were all there I went back to 'my computer' and chose 'F drive', then my wizard comes up automatically and writes the pictures to the cd (with a few prompts by me). Then it is ready to use!

I don't know about the DVD discs.

Also I wonder if you will need to resize your pictures before saving since you are scanning them?? Maybe someone else can tell you.


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