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RE: Pressure Canner won't open (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: digdirt on 10.16.2008 at 09:26 am in Harvest Forum

Will the lid settle down onto the canner ok but just not twist to lock or does it not even set down into place? If it won't even set into place then either the lid or the canner is warped and will have to be replaced.

If it just won't twist to lock then try removing the gasket, rotate it 1/4 turn and put it back on and check the extension tabs to make sure none of them is bent. If that and the oil doesn't work you will need a new gasket.

Meanwhile cooking and freezing is the best solution. Good luck.



why would a new presto canner warp the lid?
just replaced that canner and ordered a new one so I'm wondering if it was something I did, I would put the bottom with water on low heat while I filled jars, after all jars were in, the lid would not go on (down). the only thing I could think of is the temp difference between the two pieces of aluminum.
should I not turn the stove on till canner is full?
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