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Let's feed them

posted by: on 08.24.2014 at 09:54 pm in Rose Exhibiting Forum

Something I've learned about roses over the past 35+ years I've been growing them is, don't put a $20 rose into a .50 cent hole (I'll talk about that sometime later) and "feed me, give me some water". I've been growing roses since the early 1970's and never started exhibiting them until the spring of 1989. Since then I have tried several different "methods" of feeding roses for a rose show. Most with decent success. But I hit the jack pot back about 2004 using the feeding method I'm going to talk about. That spring I exhibited at 3 different Shows. Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa Bay. 1 HT Queen, 2 HT Kings, 2 HT Princess', 5 HT Courts, 3 Florabunda Queens, 2 Doweger Queens, 1 Victorian Queen, 2 Best Shrub's, 1 minflora Queen, 1 miniflora King, 3 Miniflora Princess', 2 miniflora Court's, 1 mini Queen, 1 mini King, 1 mini Princess, 5 mini Court's. Plus many other awards at each show. It was a little work but the results paid off with a garden FULL of beautiful rose's. Good size blooms with vibrant color and deep rich beautiful foliage that made the rose's jut "pop". Here is what I did (and will start to do up here). The food was simple. K-Grow 15-30-15 and fish emulsion. For me, how much and how often was the trick. 8 weeks before my first show I mixed 1 tablespoon of K-Grow and 1 tablespoon of fish emulsion in a 2 gallon watering can (I had two watering cans) and gave each mature bush a full can. My smaller bush's got about 1 gallon of this mixture. For the following 5 weeks I used 1 teaspoon of K-Grow and 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion per 2 gal watering can giving each bush what it got the first time around. I water a lot, so this method gives my roses constant food. Like I said, I water a lot. Neighbors think my water hose is part of my body. The day before I feed I water each bush real well. The day after I feed I give each bush a quick watering. Nothing the following day. Then 2 days of decent watering. Then I start all over again for the following week. Constant food and a good watering program and my garden gave me roses like I had never seen before. When I retired and moved to N.Ga. I got away from what I did for a few years and I saw the difference in the bloom quality. I've started my weekly feeding again for our fall show. Hopefully I can get some decent blooms for the show. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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