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RE: Intoductions all the way 'round! (Follow-Up #150)

posted by: vicki_lv on 11.21.2009 at 12:24 pm in Cooking Forum

I'm Vicki from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been on THS since it was run by Spike. I had to take a "vacation" from here when we were working 70-80 hour weeks. When we got back to "normal" I couldn't remember my sign in info.

I am originally from South Dakota and Iowa. I am married to my best friend, Mike. We have two boys, Kiel (pronounced Kyle) 24 and Kelly 21. We don't have grandchildren, but Kelly and his GF will probably give us a few. Kiel and his GF? Not interested. We operate a party rental store and have for most of our married life. We plan to retire in Montana at some point.

I am mostly a lurker here and post mostly at the KT. I love to see everyone's food photos. I love to cook, especially when my DH or boys want to help. We then call it "Hell's Kitchen", without the hell. We are foodies and we admit it. We are always trying new things. And most of them are made up. We may see something somewhere and just make it the way we think it would be delicious. Our boy's girlfriends love eating at our house, so that makes me feel great.

My sister and my MIL live with us, so we have a house full. When everyone leaves, we will suffer major empty nest syndrome...or maybe we will celebrate. LOL


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