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RE: Need Ginger, Galangal & Tumeric rootstock to grow (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: nygardener on 12.21.2007 at 10:16 pm in Herbs Forum

These look growable. But your local Asian grocer is probably a good first choice.

I don't think any of these will survive the winter anywhere north of zone 11 or so. You may be able to dig them up and overwinter them dormant in a cool but not freezing spot. Does anyone have experience growing them in a temperate climate?

There is a (reputedly) edible cold-hardy ginger, Asarum canadense, which is sold as a ground cover for a shady, woodland spot. Tripple Brook Farm in Massachusetts has a couple of species of Asarum in stock, along with many other wonderful plants, and is well worth browsing.


Oh yeah any one else know this plant? was pretty excited to see it posted here. I can truley verify its Cold Super Hardiness For it grows all over around here in the wild and its darn near zone 2 here. Not really what you would think of as a ginger though. Taste is much differnt-closer to galangal. And the root"lets" are tiny little things. mayber the size of a one inch piece of pencil. But It is a gorgeous little ground coverwith heart shaper leaves and My personal favorite wildflowere, seriously, ok one of them. a truely unique looking flower, split in thirds,that hides completely unknown under a miniature jungle canopy an inch off the ground to be pollinated by beattles I believe or something the like. Maybe its not cold enough for the rest of you though? thats a first. I magine having to dig them up in the fall, pot, and store in your chest freezer! rediculous.
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