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RE: Cleaning your Capital or Blue Star Rangetops? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: gtadross on 06.21.2013 at 06:47 pm in Appliances Forum

I have the 36" bluestar six burner RNB and cleaning it is a snap. I don't really do much to it. I merely wipe down the stainless steel rail above the knobs. Food etc just falls through the open burner onto the drip tray below. I don't even line mine with foil as the bluestar's drip tray is segmented into 3 pieces that you take to the sink to rinse off.

As to the burners themselves, the most I've ever done with them is to wipe them down with the rough side of a sponge. But that's only when there's been a spillover or a caked on stain. For day to day cooks, I don't even wipe it down at all. The grease just builds up a shiny patina on the cast iron grates, sort of like a cast iron pan.

I used to have a plain old sealed burner GE something or other that was the biggest pain in the butt to clean. I'd have to take the grates off, scrub the porcelain top with comet (which created scratches that would make things even dirtier in the lonr run), then wipe up with several paper towels. That was every night.

Now I barely do anything and the bluestar, bc of its black cast iron top that conceals stains, looks nice and shiny and clean.

I can't speak to the grill bc mine doesn't have one nor can I speak to the CC.


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RE: Blue Star 48" - 6 + griddle, 8 , or 4 + French top? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: ctycdm on 05.09.2013 at 09:55 am in Appliances Forum

I've had my 36" Bluestar for just over three months now, and while everyones cooking habits may differ, I can tell you my experience so far. I have not used all four burners at once yet, so having six, (let alone 8), would be useless for me, and a waste of cooktop real estate. I can't comment on a french top, as I've never used one, but I can say my griddle has been used every day, often two or three times a day since I've owned it! It is so versatile, and saves cleaning a skillet or fry pan or two each day. In fact, if had room for a 48", I would likely opt for four burners and a 24" griddle! Now the only complaint I might have is the size of the broiler, why have this nice large 18"x28" oven, and this little 8"x10" broiler in the center?? That's not even as big as a half sheet. Still haven't mastered the garlic bread under it, as I have to keep rotating and sliding the tray around under the "hot spot :( Other than that, enjoy your new range, it is truly a workhorse and thing of beauty as well.

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Cleaning your Capital or Blue Star Rangetops?

posted by: LisaBellaVita on 06.21.2013 at 03:01 pm in Appliances Forum

I already know how most of you feel about cooking on the CC and BlueStar open burner rangetops, but please share how you approach keeping these beauties looking good! Just looking for feedback on the rangetop and grill since I will be getting double electric wall ovens (self-cleaning). I use my appliances and I'm not looking for pristine showroom clean, just enough ease in cleaning methods so it's not arduous and looks like I care!

I have used a Viking open burner rangetop for 9 years that I adore! But alas, I'm building a new house and I can't take it with me. So I am trying to source a similar open burner rangetop that not only cooks as well as or better than my Viking but is NOT a pain to clean. I had a Thermador open rangetop prior (purchased 20 years ago) that had heavy double cast iron grates and stainless (ha!) steel grill that never looked good. It was a chore to carry them outside to the driveway and spray down with oven cleaner--Ughh!. I didn't do this very often, as you can imagine, especially in winter. With the Viking, on an everyday basis I just wipe it down with soap and water and shine up the porcelain and stainless trim with windex. The cast iron grates don't always look perfect, but that's okay with me. And the porcelain drip pains have stains that never come off, but they are hidden fairly well under the grates. I use a brass brush dipped in water to clean the grill while it's still hot after cooking. I love that everything just falls through to the drip drawer below, which I've lined with foil--easy to replace the foil every once in a while and no cleaning required. For more thorough periodic cleaning, the top breaks down easily for soaking parts in Simple Green and hot water. The individual cast iron grates are a manageable size and weight to clean in the sink.

Also, can I use the same grill brush/steam method on the infared grill as I use now? I've never used an infared grill.


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