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Best mid-range slide-in 30' gas (or dual fuel)?

posted by: jgs7691 on 03.09.2011 at 09:21 am in Appliances Forum

We were set on the Bosch 30" gas freestanding range but DH feels strongly about going with a slide-in range for a more custom look. I agree with him, but the only slide-ins available from Bosch are all-electric or the (much pricier) dual fuel. I wasn't interested in paying the premium for dual fuel, as I am content with our gas oven (and actually use an electric convection Breville Smart Oven for much of the day-to-day baking/roasting.) However, I really like the look of Bosch, and have heard almost nothing but good things about Bosch's ranges.

We also considered GE Profile, but I really do not care for the stylized SS front and grate pattern. Further, we liked the style and features of the Kitchenaid, but, while I have good things from my appliance sales rep - who owns a KA range - I have been scared off by bad reviews elsewhere.

Any suggestions on the best 30" slide-in gas range (under $2000-ish), or should I just bite the bullet and get the Bosch Dual Fuel?



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RE: Range with double oven recs & opinions (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: muffinqueen on 04.14.2011 at 01:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

I love this thread! I am in the midst of a complete kitchen remodel and I really really want a gas range with double ovens. I am on the fence about dual fuel. I like the looks of the GE cafe, but I have heard bad stories about the noise of the fan. Those of you that own the Cafe--Is the fan loud? I listen to the radio in the kitchen and I don't want to have to deal with a loud fan. I listened to a friend's Kenmore Elite yesterday, and it was very soft. I am a little scared of the scratching hazard of the SS top. I am starting to wonder if I should get a Frigidaire or a Kenmore. Since we are doing EVERYTHING, I cannot afford a luxury range. I only have space for a 30" range. I mainly want it to be dependable and easy to clean. I LOVE the look of the new KA double oven range, but reviews are few and far between, and the folks on this forum arte not fond of KA ranges. Please help--I don't want to make a mistake on this one.


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Ranges: Gas vs. Electric and Timers

posted by: sjb3ip on 09.21.2010 at 06:57 pm in Appliances Forum

We're about to embark on a major kitchen remodel and I'm having a hard time deciding between gas and electric. I realize that gas is better for roasting meats, while electric is better to get more even results for baking. Is the technology these days so good that the differences between them should be too small to tell?

Is there such a thing as a gas convection oven?
Is there such a thing as a gas oven with an on/off electric timer?

Any and all help is appreciated - I'm at a total loss!


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kitchen ranges

posted by: nonnie45 on 03.25.2011 at 07:16 pm in Appliances Forum

Hi: I am new to this so please bear with me. I am trying to compare the GE Profile 30" dual fuel range with baking drawer to the Electrolux dual fuel range with two ovens and the kitchenAid 30" dual fuel range with a double oven. Any insights, comments, etc. would be most appreciated. Thank you.


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