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Checklist for materials selections? Please!!??

posted by: caligirl_cottage on 02.29.2008 at 04:29 pm in Building a Home Forum

I was hoping my contractor would provide me a list I could just go down and begin filling in our decisions and know when they need to be made, but that's not happening. He seems to just give us "homework" when he needs stuff, without taking into consideration whether we have an entire weekend to devote to finding something immediately, or whether it might be in stock, etc.

I'd like to get ahead of the curve and know what we need to do overall, plus organize this in some fashion other than my big fat stacks of brochures!

If you have an excel or other kind of list of finishes selections, I (and probably many others) would really appreciate it.



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Brushed nickel, antique bronze, stainless, OH MY!!!

posted by: jmjmommy on 09.17.2008 at 01:37 pm in Building a Home Forum

Our power has been out since Sunday with an estimated return this weekend. To fill my time, the girls and I drove to Pittsburgh to stay with my parents and I have been visiting Home Depot...A LOT! We need to make some decisions soon regarding fixtures, faucets, knobs, etc. Do you pick a style and go with it throughout the house? I assume I should match the bathroom sink faucet with the light fixture, but does your master WIC light match your kitchen pendants? Can you tell I have too much time on my hands?!?!?

Basically I am wondering how you went about choosing your fixtures and faucets. thanks :)



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