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HAVE: Melon and Pumpkin Seeds for my wants

posted by: msdixiegirl on 09.20.2006 at 08:52 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

I am looking for trades for the following seeds

Seeds I am looking for
Piena Di Napoli Squash
Red Warty Thing
Pink Banana Squash
Galeux d' Eyesines Pumpkin
Musquee de Maroc
Rouge Vif d' Etampes aka Cinderella Pumpkin
Triamble or Shamrock Pumpkin
Jaune Gros de Paris Pumpkin
Kikuza Pumpkin
Iran Pumpkin
Musquee de Provence
Hopi Gray squash
Chirimen Squash
La Estrella Calabasa
Tigger melon
Prescott Fond Blanc
Ukraine Hard Shell Pumpkin/Squash

I have these seeds to trade only for the seeds I am looking for above.
Red Seeded Citron
Moon and stars van dorren strain
Vine Peach
Painted Melon aka Santa clause melon
Petit Gris
Navajo Melon (rare) and limited please inquire about these in case I do trade what I have for something above.
Sprite melon
Mexican Crunchy melon
Juan Canary Melon
Haogen Melon
Kazackha melon
Ambrosia Cantaloupe
Cetriolo Melone
Crenshaw Melon
Zolotistaya melon
Korean Melon
Lakota Squash
Collective Farm Woman
Trip-L-Crop tomato
Brandywine Sudduth Strain tomato
Thai Pink Egg Tomato
Peter Pepper

I have these drying now
Pridnestrovskya melon
Amish Cantaloupe
Ambrosia Cantaloupe
Verdrantais Melon
Ananas a Chairverte
Jonathan Pumpkin

I would also send a sasbe for any of the seeds I am looking for above. If you have something rare in the pumpkin winter squash melons catagory that you think I might be interested in please ask, I might be. This is only a small list of things I am looking for and would be interested in heirlooms, rare, and from other countries seeds of melons pumpkins and winter squash.

Please post here but also email me directly, Gardenweb still dont have it fixed so that I get my replies to my posts in my inbox, Thanks Dixie


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