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RE: Affordable, High Quality Leather Sofa & Where To Buy (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: rmanbike on 02.17.2013 at 08:31 pm in Furniture Forum

Grades = Price and not necessarily = better quality. And manufacturers / tanneries will grade their leather/pricing differently. Grade 1 maybe a top grain aniline dyed leather with no protective top coat; this is a very soft-hand comfortable, breathable leather but will soil very easily. Grade 3 maybe a top grain pigmented leather that has a protective top coat, doesnt breath as well but easily cleaned. Grade 2 maybe somewhere inbetween. But all top grain leathers are your most durable and most expensive. But is worth the investment.


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RE: Affordable, High Quality Leather Sofa & Where To Buy (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: rmanbike on 02.12.2013 at 12:18 am in Furniture Forum

Furniture manufacturers are in business to make money, just like everyone else. Your local furniture store buys from the manufacturer through the manufacturers sales representative. This representative also earns a percentage of all sales in their territory. So it should be common knowledge if you can purchase directly from the manufacturer you can avoid the retail store markup and also the representative take from each sale.
I suggest that to partial38, the features your looking for may not get you the best deal, or fall with in your budget. A high quality frame? What this is, is not a pine plywood frame stapled together. Solid hardwood 4/4, 5/4 is better or hardwood wood plywood thats same thickness, minimum of 12 plys. This frame should be double-doweled and glued.
Now the seat springs is where most everyone makes the mistake that it has to be coil springs that are 8-way hand tied. And thats simply not true. A no-sag sinuous wire spring; 8 gauge spring securely fastened to a hardwood frame using the clips that are required by the spring manufacturer, and that are engineered to the correct length and stretched accordingly to the spring manufacturers requirement will result in a seat suspension that will last a lifetime and have the same ride/push-back as the best 8-way handtied coil springs. The only time that a 8-way handtied coil springs suspension is better is when it is a spring edge with the correct rail heights all the way around the frame. At this time I dont know of very few manufacturers building their 8-way handtied coil springs this way, if so the costs for a leather sofa will be upwards of 5000.00 Its just too labor intensive and takes highly skilled worker to build.
Truly the only type of seat cushion core that will last for 20 years+ is a 100% natural latex. A true 2.0+ pound density high-resilent foam core will normally last 5+ years. But all will loose some shape because of the wrap around the cushion core is of a softer material: polyester fiber or down blend or a thin foam wrap of same density foam which last better that the first 2 , and all manufacturers dont consider this softening of the softer wrap a defect in any way, but just normal wear. Back cushions are usually of a the same: polyester fiber or down blend and will not last or hold its shape after considerable use. But usually thats a fix the owner or upholstery shop can do to replace this filling to be like new again with minimal costs.
If anyone does a search of my name in this forums will realize I have been preaching this for many years. My 38+ years of managing upholstery product design and development for 20+ manufacturers and many years working in re-upholsery. I have always said that your local re-upholstery shop that has been in business for 20+ years with the same owner is the best resource for understanding what it takes to makes a quality sofa. Because they have to repair or junk the ones that arent worth re-upholstering.


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Affordable, High Quality Leather Sofa & Where To Buy

posted by: partial38 on 02.10.2013 at 06:06 pm in Furniture Forum


My wife and I are looking for a high quality leather sofa. We would most definitely go with a grade 1 or grade 2 leather. We have a budget of 2500-3000 dollars.

I have been looking into some of the North Carolina furniture stores online but have had a hard time making heads or tails of what to buy.

Some of the features we're looking for are:

1. 8 way hand tied suspension

2. Firm, square cushions

3. Box back cushions

4. High quality frame

5. At least 70" of seating space, but not too deep. Maybe 23" seating depth.

Do you guys have any recommendations for online stores and brands?

I would like to get a quality brand like Hancock & Moore, Century, Henredon, Classic Leather, etc. I would be willing to go with a smaller brand if the quality is there. Ultimately, my goal is to get something high quality that is going to last a long time and look great for less than 3k.

Thank you for your help!


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