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Bathroom Reveal, Finally.

posted by: beekeeperswife on 08.05.2011 at 04:00 pm in Home Decorating Forum

As you may recall, I had a vision of a dark and mysterious hall bath. And then I came to my senses that this was crazy, because if I had a dark floor and wanted to gel stain my cabinet, then this would end up looking like a very cavelike room. No worries, I'm still enamored with Dark Purple, and I promise it will be on a wall I own sometime.

So, ended up trying out grays, in order to keep the flow going in my house. Turns out the winner was BM Nimbus, the same paint strip I've been using everywhere, it seems. What can I say, I like it. I had an inspiration picture (strictly for colors, because really, my room cannot even remotely be compared to the inspiration.
Inspiration (hahaha)
I loved the gray with the pale pink. So, that was my mission. And, the funny sidenote is that the bathroom is primarily used by my 19 yr old son who is color blind. So, if I didn't mention the word "pink", it would not look pink to him. Sneaky? I haven't decided on that yet. However, his girlfriend spilled the beans by accident!

So without further adieu, here is the modern/glam bathroom.

Cabinet gel stained over the orangey oak cabinets with General Finish's Java, new hardware.

Floor is 6x24 porcelain tile, Mikado, color: Ergano

Wall color, in case you missed it, is BM Nimbus.

From the hall, your first peek:





Those are tums on the bottom shelf in the jar. I've needed many of those lately....

Opening this jar totally freshens the room.

Oh, and I forgot one other little touch....all the drawers are lined with really pretty scented paper with roses on them. My poor son.

I'd like to give shout out to Listerine....available in several decorative colors. Who knew I would find pink?

That little shelf next to the tub was quite a fun story. Many auditioned for the spot. Many. Found this one at PB Outle (sorry Ttodd, I went without you). It was originally pale yellow. First I painted it dark gray. It was just too heavy. Then I went with a very pale pink, but, nah, too pink. So, I got out this can of silver paint and I'm thrilled.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the final outcome after all of my torture with the paint. Anybody remember the shiny blue??? omg

(And if I had my way, the blind would be a dark chocolate brown, but...well...I can't talk about why that was not replaced.....soon, promise.)



Love this bathroom. Do something similar
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