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Slender (but not too tall!) conifer for house corner

posted by: mooch91 on 05.26.2013 at 09:06 am in Conifers Forum


Trying to select a slender (but not too tall!) conifer for the corner of my ranch house. The house has a western exposure, is zone 6 in NJ, and gets a lot of late-day sun.

I'm basically trying to anchor two opposite corners of the house and front landscape. On the right side I have a robusta juniper at 5 feet tall. I love the color and growth style of this plant (I let it go natural).

On the left side, I'd like something a little different. I've been to a couple of local nurseries and the recommendations keep coming in for junipers: gray gleam, taylor, blue arrow, spartan. The juniper seems too common, though, (and too similar to the robusta I already have).

Any recommendations for something different, and available locally, that might work? The house is 10' high, so I would need to keep it in check to no more than that height, preferably with slow growth.

I had been looking at the slender hinoki false cypress, but I'm afraid it's too big of a grower and I've not been able to find it locally.

Thanks in advance.


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