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Fireplace Pictures?

posted by: cade on 11.12.2007 at 10:04 am in Fireplaces Forum

I'm going to install a wood burning fireplace in my livingroom. Anyone know of a website that has a lot of pictures of fireplaces? If you want to share your pictures that's great. Any info greatly appreciated!


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RE: pros and cons of windows that go all the way down to the coun (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: buehl on 07.24.2008 at 03:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have windows down to the counter!

Pros: A lot of space behind the sink for faucet room, dishes (overflow), plants, etc. Also, gives a more open feeling to and much more light in the kitchen.

Cons: The only one I can think of is that granite costs are slightly least for us as ours is a bay window.

We LOVE our window to the used to be only 22" off the floor w/a table squished in....this is so much better!

Here are a couple of pics:

Sink and Bay Window

Sink Wall from FR


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RE: Best Advice thread: online retailers you recommend (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: ngng on 06.19.2008 at 12:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

As posted in an earlier thread:

I highly recommend the following which have had great service, great prices and quick mailing:,, (via eBay), and Alway check shipping and handling fees (if any), state tax (if any) and return policies.

STAY AWAY from, I'm still having a terrible time with them after 3 months (long story)!

Good luck!


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RE: Sink Decision (stainless or Silgranit) (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: chrissiemw on 06.25.2008 at 10:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

Another vote for silgranit and in Anthracite. I have one and LOVE's my favorite feature of our new kitchen and like others have said, it does get noticed! It is a dream compared to my old stainless sinks.

We have ginger glaze cabs (maple) and our oven has a lot of black in it as does our granite which is why I chose the black. LOVE it!

Here's 2 pics:



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RE: We have cabinets...very excited! (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: hcf1 on 05.15.2008 at 09:49 am in Kitchens Forum

Thanks to everyone! I quickly snuck in to the kitchen b4 the contractors arrived - I don't feel like it's mine yet :)

msrose (I love your name, my Grandmother's name was Stella Rose aka Ms. Rose) I guess we could describe the cabs as shaker with an added inset bead. I really wanted applied molding but that was a budget buster for us. Our cabinet maker jumped in to play the role of "designing for the sexes" and came up with a door design that fell w/in our budget (for DH) and gave me the look I was dreaming of.

lynw - that will be bench seating with piano hinged tops so that I can store as much stuff as I can in it.

jujybean - thanks so much! The door is actually 1 piece and then hand routed by our cabinet maker.

sheilaann, here's the pics you were asking for.






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RE: Do You Have Different Door Styles in Your Kitchen (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: allison0704 on 06.11.2008 at 05:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

You know me; four colors, three countertop materials and two doors styles (four if you count the glass doors and the doors with chicken wire)

French Gray Island Kitchen - the doors on either side of range are the same as island. Black coffee station cabinet too. Pine hutch is different (hard to tell in photos).

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen


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RE: 99% Done - Ricklish Kitchen (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: ricklish on 05.21.2008 at 04:56 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ooops, forgot the teaser photo!
99% Finished!


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Air gap gurgles like crazy when dishwasher runs - should it?

posted by: chefkev on 05.16.2008 at 02:06 am in Kitchens Forum

My plumber insisted I have an air gap installed in my new kitchen (for my dishwasher) which is open to my living room. Whenever the dishwasher runs, it goes through three noisy gurgling drain cycles. Should it be that noisy? Can I do anything to make it quieter? I payed extra for a quiet Bosch dishwasher which now seems pointless - Waaahh! (I have also posted this in the plumbing forum)


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RE: size of island (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: pattiem93 on 05.12.2008 at 03:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ours is 4 1/2 x 8 1/2. If there's any way you can, go for the 4 foot width-we LOVE the functionality of our island. We also have an overhang on one side only with 2 sstools. We could easily add another


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RE: What Soap in a Soap Dispenser? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: big_changes on 05.10.2008 at 08:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

Just another thought-- I have a soap dispenser next to my sink with Dr. Bronner's soap, really diluted. I use it for handwashing, and I also clean my granite with it-- just wash with a sponge and dry it off with a dish towel-- it is never streaky... and as a plus you can clean fruits and veggies with it-- I use the peppermint kind, and after I've washed the strawberries, I can always tell when the soap is rinsed off, because the scent of mint is gone. It's an all natural product-- my husband calls it "the hippie soap".


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Radon & Granite (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: chrismwgl on 05.10.2008 at 01:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

This is from the American Lung Association's website on Radon:
"Radium, which releases radon, is common in the earth's crust. Soils and rocks containing high levels of uranium, such as granite, phosphate, shale and pitchblende are natural sources of radon."
So you are putting material directly from the earth's crust into your kitchen. The earth is a naturally radioactive planet, of course your granite may contain some radioactive particles. It depends upon from where it was quarried & the uranium content of that area. Since the granite industry is unregulated your granite may be coming from Iran or China & you may never know about it.
Test it first!

Here is a link that might be useful: American Lung Association's Radon Page


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RE: Are you glad you chose a faucet with/without soap dispenser, (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: dassykee on 05.08.2008 at 04:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

I was at a very high end kitchen tour a couple of weeks ago and was surprised that most did not have SDs. I have one now and plan to have one in the new house we are building.

I remember one savvy poster some months back whose thrifty husband responded to her request for Never MT by going to the hardware store, finding a tube that fit the end of the SD pump, buying enough length to reach to the bottom of the sink, and inserting the tube into a warehouse-club sized bottle of Dawn.... Presto...homemade Never MT for less than a dollar!!! I plan to try it!


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RE: Subzero vs. Monogram (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: luster on 05.02.2008 at 09:52 am in Appliances Forum

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that I work for Monogram. That said, I will refrain from giving my opinion and will stick to facts.

Monogram has recently upgraded their built-in side by sides. They now have better lighting and more usable capacity than the previous versions. There are now two light towers in the freshfood section (vs. 1) as well as LED lighting added to the ceiling of the two drawers at the bottom. The old models had 3 1/2 shelves while the new one have 5 full shelves and an additional drop down shelf. These are available now. These are "X" model year units.

You mentioned that the dispenser on the Sub Zero does not rob space from the freezer section. That is true. However, it does take space from the fresh food section. If capacity is a concern consider the following: the Monogram 48" with dispenser has a total of 30.7 cubic feet of capcity while the Sub has 28. Another consideration is that the ice and water on the Monogram is filtered. The Sub has no water filtration.

If you are energy conscious, the Monogram is Energy Star qualified and the Sub Zero is not.

There has been some discussion of reliability in this thread. The May 2007 issue of Consumer Reports had a Brand Repair History report. In this report, they surveyed over 950,000 consumers regarding the repair history of their appliances. In the side-by-side with ice/water dispenser category, Monogram was rated 2nd (Whirlpool #1) for lowest % of units requiring a repair (15%). Sub Zero was ranked dead last (24%).

What is interesting about this report is that it is not the opinion of Consumer Reports but the actual experience of hundreds of thousands of consumers. A more recent survey of brand repair history came out about a month ago and Monogram is now ranked #1 for reliability in this category. Sub Zero was not on the list of brands in this most recent report.

I hope this helps. Both are fine refrigerators and I hope are pleased with whichever one you chose.


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RE: Miss fridge space going to CD? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: afr66 on 05.01.2008 at 08:49 am in Appliances Forum

It depends on your personal needs and preferences. I didn't want to give up the space of a standard and I couldn't afford (or have the space for) an extra wide built-in BUT I didn't want the fridge protruding into the kitchen either. What I did was have the cabinet folks make my refrigerator cabinet 27" deep instead of 24" so it will enclose the body (but not the door or hinges) of my standard refrigerator. It is close to a cabinet depth look without the cost or loss of space -- they are also bringing the adjoining cabinet forward 3" so it will all look smooth. I know others have recessed a standard fridge so that might be a solution for you, as well. Good luck - I think this is one of those trickier issues - especially if you don't have the $$ or space for a wide built-in.


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RE: CD Refrigerator measurement...confused (Follow-Up #24)

posted by: kathy_ny on 05.02.2008 at 07:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

Mominthedubc - if you scroll to the bottom of the KA page the and open up the actual measurement guide pdf the actual depth without handle is only 27.5 and that is even better :) Don't fret about the depth including the handle as that won't even be noticeable - just be mindful of how far out the case of the fridge extends and you should be fine.


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RE: Holligator-More pics of your kitchen, please? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: holligator on 05.02.2008 at 11:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

edlakin, the ceiling is 6" wide tongue and groove pine.

bethesdamom2008, the room is 24'10" x 14'9" (you can't see the dining area in those pics, but the layout is below). The clearances around the island are as follows: ~48" on the seating side, ~45" on the refrigerator side (to the counter, less to the fridge), and ~43" on the stove side. If I had it to do over, I'd move the island about 3-4" closer to the stove. The clearance in front of the fridge is about perfect.

susan205, my island is 7.5' x 3.5' and my pendant shades are 8" across. Three has turned out to be the perfect number of pendants for us.


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RE: Am I going to regret mixing countertop materials in my kitche (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: sweeby on 04.30.2008 at 10:20 am in Kitchens Forum

I think the decision should be more fundamental than two countertops or not. Move higher-level in your thinking and decide whether you want the island to be the same or different:

A) - Island to match the rest of your cabinets and be an integrated and harmonious part of the whole kitchen; or

B) - Island to be a separate, free-standing design element - like a table - something different from the rest.

If you go with option A, then keep the island cabinetry and countertops the same colors and styles as the others and know that you're making the right decision for that design.

If you go with option B, then I'd suggest changing the color of the island as well as the countertop, possibly even a different door style and/or different hardware. Make it visibly and distinctively different from the rest of the kitchen. Give it its own identity. Add legs, base molding (versus standard toe kick) - other details that separate the island from the rest of the kitchen and make it look like furniture instead of kitchen cabinets.

IMO, the one thing you DON'T want to do is 'split the difference' design-wise, because then your kitchen design becomes muddled, and those are the kind of designs that don't wear well.

Is the island the same? Or is it different? Choose one!


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