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Thankful for nap time!

posted by: firemanswife on 07.29.2010 at 05:56 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Whew all three are out! Between playing outside, in the water and sun they are zonked!
I am catching up on laundry and am hoping to read a little before the kiddo's get up.
I am loving posting on here. Before I mostly lurked here and there but I am eating up all the advice and help. I had no idea how crazy it would be to be the instant mother of three.


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Monday Update....

posted by: firemanswife on 08.09.2010 at 10:14 am in Kitchen Table Forum

What a weekend! Saturday the girls got up, had breakfast, we got them dresses for the day...normal day they played and goofed around. They have been building their forts so around 10:30 DH took them outside so they could work on their forts. I had Tayler in the house with me and she "helped" me pick up. I made lunch around 11:30, the girls ate and we read a story and they took a nap. Around 12:00 there was a knock at the door. I went and got it and Megan was standing at the door! I darn near passed out. DH was out by the barn. She started screaming and demanding to see the kids. I shut the door in her face and called DH on his cell phone. He told me to call the police and he was on his way. I called the police explained the situation and that we had a no contact order against her and I wanted her removed from my property. DH pulls up and Megan and her new hubby are sitting in the drive way...she's on the phone. As soon as she sees DH she gets out of the car and starts screaming at him. By this time Tanna is up. I took her into my room turned on Cinderella and her and I curled up in her blanket and watched the movie. Tanna could kind of hear yelling but as long as Cinderella's on the world could come down around her ankles and the child wouldn't care.
The police came and escorted them off our property. We filled out a report for the police. When the police talked to her she stated she wanted to see her kids. They explained that she no longer has any rights to them and she's not allowed on our property. We will be contacting our lawyer today to see what else we need to do to keep the girls safe.
What a mess!
That night when we were giving the girls baths Tanna asked me if it was Megan at the door. It kind of floored me because she called her Megan and I said yes it was. She kind of panicked and asked if she had to go with her. I told her no that she lives here now. Not another word was said.
Yesterday we had a campfire in the backyard and roasted hot dogs and they ate dinner in their forts!


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Thursday Update..

posted by: firemanswife on 07.29.2010 at 10:37 am in Kitchen Table Forum

Had a nice quiet night with the girls. I feel like we are starting to settle in. We barbecued hamburgers, made french fries and corn on the cob. The girls and their dad made homemade ice cream for dessert which made it so nice for me when he does things like that because then I can just sit back and enjoy my time with them.

I hope no one is getting tired of my little you can tell we are so enjoying our new family!


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