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Family Room-Updates w/ Pics

posted by: lisa_mocha on 10.04.2009 at 07:22 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Hi there,

We've just completed a few cosmetic updates...
In the hallway off the 2nd floor family room, we replaced the carpet with hardwood that matches the FM room. We also replaced baseboards throughout the home.
Finally, I've moved an old pine commode and have installed shelves and painted the hallway same colour as FM.

Now to decide on a creamy shade that will go on the wall/upper staircase to 3rd floor. It's now Mannequin Cream and I find it too yellow with the Beacon Gray.Right now, BM Acadia White, White Down and Albescent are in the running. (but I change my mind daily:))
Has anyone here used these colours?

I've posted a before pic of the fireplace wall. We had bought cabinets to place beside the FP once TV was mounted over FP. We just painted them white, but I find something is off with them...
I likely should have paid the extra $ to have built-ins done. Still have to decide if we want to try to add more trim (at the bottom to make them look more built-in). Also-we need to fix the gap between cabinets & mantle but need to get an electician in beforehand to do his thing w/ the wiring for tv in behind. you prefer the look with the urns in front of FP or without? Should I edit some of the 'stuff' on top of cabinets and shelves? DH says I have way too much 'junk' on display (If he had his way, there'd be nothing there...anything decorative is junk to him lol)

Thanks for any suggestions on paint for hallway and comments for accessorizing...






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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #36)

posted by: claire_de_luna on 03.09.2007 at 11:56 am in Bathrooms Forum

I didn't want to post until we put the last finishing touch on the bathroom. I'm happy to say the details are done, hallelujah! My Bests list includes many of the same things others have mentioned.

Worst decision: Rejuvenation Medicine Cabinets. Trust me, you can do better. There's nothing worth the Huge Hassle I had with this company over these poorly made items.

Best decisions: SunTouch heated floors, even into the shower. I particularly love it in the shower because the floors dry quickly which was an added bonus.

Doorless, curbless, curved wall shower. No glass to clean! Easy access and open feeling to a small space.

Handheld (extra long hose) and regular showerhead with separate on/off and thermostatic valve.

Hinged, drop-down shower seat so it's out of the way when not needed.

Sinks (36 '' high) with Tapmasters, which I love because the basin is closer to my face!

ADA height Toto with Washlet.

Separate reading light over the toilet, switch located next to fixture.

Timers for heat/vent fan. Set it and forget it!

Tile to six feet high, including tiled baseboard which makes the room easy to keep clean.

Shelf ledge instead of counters to keep the clutter to a minimum. I wondered whether it would be enough shelf space; it is.

Tall trash can next to the door so I can access it on the way in/out.

Hooks for towels to save space. This allowed me to have more hooks to hang more items.

Unfitted furniture for storage cabinet/table space. The cost was much more reasonable and I like the option of being able to change these items ''down the road'' if I want to.


Ask her about her shower
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