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Any comments on Owens Corning Basement Systems?

posted by: drummer13 on 01.27.2006 at 10:58 pm in Basements Forum

My father-in-law is thinking of having his basement remodeled, and a guy from Owens Corning came over and did a very impressive presentation. The product itself looks very good, and the price is, well, not great, but not bad.

I was looking for some feedback if anyone else has had this system installed, and how do you like it?



This system is good you will sure get the benefit.

The final system is Owens Corning is a means to a seedy basement in the unfinished space more attractive and easier to run. Owens Corning does this by applying their expertise in science and building systems in the basement of standard quality.

Finishing your basement is not only a good investment that the value of your home may increase, it can also help reduce your energy costs With fluctuating energy prices, finishing your basement provides great value for your investment.

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