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How to plant fruit trees intensively?

posted by: modern_miss on 11.17.2013 at 10:19 am in Fruit & Orchards Forum

I dream about having a backyard filled with many varieties of fruit trees. I have about 1/2 acre flat and sunny. I'd like to plant a variety of stone fruits and citrus. I saw a post on planting intensively. I'm familiar with that principle when applied to vegetable beds, but how does one apply it to fruit trees? I'm not really interested in multi-fruit trees because I've heard they can grow lopsided. A landscape designer friend I spoke to said I have to keep semi-dwarf apple trees a minimum of 10 feet apart.


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RE: Your favorite tree fruits? (Follow-Up #71)

posted by: hoosierquilt on 08.03.2012 at 09:50 am in Fruit & Orchards Forum

Thank you, Mrs. G. This is all my own orchard, intensively planted due to only having about an acre. I keep everything pruned down to no taller than 8' (I'm a wee bit height impaired at 5'5", and I've banned ladders from my garden). I decided I wanted variety over quantity, so I keep things in check size-wise and keep small canopies, in favor of many varieties that provide a long span of fruit over the fruiting season. I have to give credit back to many great list members here who helped me to pick some of the best varieties that ripen at varying times, and not to be afraid to push the envelope a bit for some of the higher chill hour trees, which actually did well this year for me. Found out that the snails, squirrels and rats particularly like my flat peaches and nectarines of all (and the Sauzee King nectarine was very good, too, the few I got). My only disappointment was the Bella Gold Peacotum. Weak grower, no fruit this year. So, I'm hoping for some fruit next season from this interspecific. Whatever extra fruit I have, I give to family and friends. I'm also going to learn to put up low/no sugar fruit as well. That's the only downside to extra stone fruit - how to put them up or save them without a bunch of extra sugar. We did just cut up and freeze some, as we can then make smoothies with them. A really excellent and simple way to save fruit with just its own goodness, and not ruin the healthful qualities with a bunch of sugar.

As an aside, my Prime Jim blackberry is producing a second round of incredibly delicious berries!! I'm sure this has to do with the 1st year and 2nd year canes, and shockingly, the birds, rats and squirrels have not discovered this vine, so all the fruit so far has been mine to eat!! Nothing like going out in the morning and picking a big handful of super sweet, no chemicals added blackberries and plopping them on top of my (high protein) cereal!! Oh my gosh, that's what it's all about. Love it.

And, this is just my stone and pomes :-) I have many pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, bosenberries,lingonberries, honeyberries, figs, and over 65 citrus trees on my property as well. We could survive the apocalypse here, lol!!

Patty S.


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What's Your Top 5 Tropical Fruits?

posted by: Eggo on 10.13.2004 at 03:53 am in Tropicals Forum

Here goes mine:

1. Lychee; The most romantic fruit in the world definitely has my heart
2. Mangosteen; Think of the tastes of a perfectly balanced orange put into a velvet flesh
3. Cherimoya; a good cherimoya is hard to beat, custard flesh or firm flesh their both great to me
4. Durian; The only reason this is not listed number one is because I can only finish about half of this guy at one sitting, after all it is the king. Plus I usually like to indulge myself
5. Pommelo; The best ones are juicy, crispy, and has no bitterness

Except for the Durian, I can literally go through 15-20 lbs of these guys in few hours.
Fruits I gotta try someday is a home grown ripen pineapple and something called a charichuela.


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Your favorite tree fruits?

posted by: tmunson on 07.13.2012 at 04:54 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

I've got a few spots in my yard to fill, and I'm looking at some suggestions on tree fruit varieties. I live in northern California, so I have a pretty good growing climate. I really love soft fruits and sweet fruits, and most of my collection is peaches/nectarines/pears as a result. I have four apple trees because my wife likes apples, and two pluot trees. I'm trying to expand my taste buds beyond my limited mostly Dave Wilson collection. If you have a top five or ten fruit tree varieties that you would care to share, please do. Thanks!


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Need help with cinch trap for gophers

posted by: modern_miss on 10.22.2013 at 01:10 pm in Integrated Pest Management Forum

I'm a new cinch trap user. There was a fresh mound in my lawn yesterday. I found a narrow tunnel (about 2" wide) running at a diagonal to the mound. The tunnel was blocked about 8" or so from the mound. I had to expand the width of the tunnel to fit the cinch trap in. I couldn't get it very far - it did not feel like there was any flat party of the tunnel because it was blocked or it just's been one day and I haven't caught anything...any suggestions as to what i'm doing wrong?


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Too late to plant a cover crop?

posted by: modern_miss on 10.15.2013 at 03:01 pm in California Gardening Forum

I live in the Bay Area in Sunset zone 15. Can I still plant a cover crop or am I too late? Should I wait until spring? I was going to plant Bell Beans. Last year our first frost was November 10th.


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Will a parquet dance floor ruin a lawn?

posted by: modern_miss on 10.10.2013 at 04:06 pm in Lawn Care Forum

I'm having an outdoor dance party featuring live music. I'm thinking about renting a dance floor for the event and placing it flat on top of my new lawn for about 14 hours. Do you think this will kill the lawn? Will it recover? The lawn is 90% Bolero dwarf fescue.
Thanks for letting me know...


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metal instead of firebricks?

posted by: modern_miss on 08.25.2013 at 06:48 pm in Fireplaces Forum

I love the look of this fireplace. Does anyone know what the charcoal colored metal is behind the flames in this photo?
Do you think this metal will rust over time?
Thanks - i'm looking for an alternative to traditional firebrick for an outdoor gas fireplace.


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How 2 keep metal/steel edging from warping or bowing?

posted by: modern_miss on 07.24.2013 at 10:57 am in Landscape Design Forum

I'm about to install some metal / steel edging around what will be a decomposed granite patio. I've noticed that this edging has a tendency to warp or bow or curve where you want it to be straight. Even if you use the stakes they gave you. Does anyone have any tricks to prevent this from happening? I was thinking about buying some extra rebar stakes and alternate placing them in front and behind the edging - maybe every 2 feet and sinking them under the decomposed granite...
All thoughts appreciated!


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how 2 sink pergola posts into DG patio without making a mess?

posted by: modern_miss on 07.23.2013 at 12:19 pm in Porches & Decks Forum

Hi, I'm about to create a decomposed granite patio and, in a month, I will be building a pergola to provide shade for the patio. The posts for the pergola need to go inside the patio. Should I dig the post holes for the pergola before I lay the decomposed granite and base rock? OR how do i create the holes after the fact? Thanks!


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Advice for digging post holes in DG patio...

posted by: modern_miss on 07.23.2013 at 12:12 pm in Landscape Design Forum

Hi, I'm constructing a pergola above a decomposed granite patio. The posts will be sunk into the patio. I'm ready to build the DG patio now - should I dig the post holes now (the pergola will be constructed in about a month) or deal with it later? Is there a way I could dig the post holes now and hold the space for them using some mold or shape?


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Am I about to make a big mistake?

posted by: modern_miss on 07.22.2013 at 12:58 pm in Irrigation Forum

I'm about to remove a corner of my lawn to create a patio (out of decomposed granite) and flower bed (see sketch).
The guy who is doing the work with me says we don't need to move or add sprinklers - that the current (old) configuration is fine (he's inexperienced though). It means however that I will be wasting water by watering the new patio - and getting patio furniture wet every time the sprinklers go off. The pipes run north to south. Do you see any way to tweek the existing system so I don't get the flower bed (which will be on drip) and the patio wet? I drew in the existing sprinklers. I'm only concerned about the sprinklers that are closest to the new patio and flower bed. Thanks for your help.


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Retaining a DG Patio? (on tiny slope)

posted by: modern_miss on 07.15.2013 at 06:49 pm in Landscape Design Forum

I want to install a decomposed granite patio in part of my lawn. The lawn is not perfectly flat, but the patio must be.
There is a 6-8" difference in grade from one end of the patio to the other. I wanted to use the same black metal edge banding to retain the patio (I've used it throughout my property) but it is only 4 inches tall - not enough to act as a mini retaining wall...
Is there anything else I can use in conjunction with the edge banding or independent of it? I don't really want to introduce a new material. Thanks for the advice.


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2"-8" diameter rocks under sod - acceptable?

posted by: modern_miss on 07.12.2013 at 01:35 am in Lawn Care Forum

We're getting ready to install sod in front of our newly constructed home. Contractor rototilled today and I noticed a fair amount of 2" (river rock size) to 8" inch in diameter rocks and concrete chunks randomly dispersed the soil...too many to pick out by hand.
Is this a problem? Should I have my contractor remove them before installing the sod? Does the soil need to be 100% free of rocks to ensure a nice lawn?
thanks very much for the help!!!


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How to store ONE bale of hay without a barn

posted by: modern_miss on 01.31.2013 at 02:11 pm in Farm Life Forum

I need to get creative about how to store one bale of hay (for rabbits) and keep it clean and dry over the winter. I do not have a barn or shed or any type of enclosure (or the money to buy one).
I know I can get a shipping pallet and I have room for it in the yard. Should I put the bale directly on the pallet or put a plastic tarp down on the pallet and then put the bale on the tarp? I just need to figure out how to prevent water from getting under the bale...Any and all ideas are appreciated!


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Prunus Caroliniana Problem - See photo

posted by: modern_miss on 01.31.2013 at 01:29 pm in Shrubs Forum

The leaves are falling off the bottom of my prunus caroliniana hedge. These trees were transplanted from 24" boxes about a year ago. Not sure if they are getting too much water or too little water. I thought the deer could be eating them but I never see any deer around these plants. Any ideas? Thanks!


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