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RE: help needed to find vinyl that looks like wood (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: steve_o on 02.07.2009 at 10:19 am in Flooring Forum

Some very realistic wood patterns are sold by Amtico and some collections by Metroflor. Other manufacturers offer wood patterns in varying degrees of realistic appearance. Several manufacturers also use tough minerals like aluminum oxide in their wearlayers to allow the vinyl to wear longer. 20-25 year warranties are not that uncommon in better vinyl floors (though, as always, you should read the warranty to find out what they expect of you as the user and what they cover).


Floring for kitchen
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RE: New seedling bed progress (photos) (Follow-Up #25)

posted by: fairysoapgirl on 06.09.2009 at 11:06 pm in Daylily Forum

The water feature is a stream bed and pond dug out of the dirt, then layered with a liner protector and a very large rubber liner (made for ponds/streams). At the top of the stream bed, higher than the stream to create a waterfall effect, there is what is called a bio-falls box/waterfall. At the end of the pond there is a skimmer (that sucks the water back up with a pump). The water is plumbed underneath the stream bed, so that it goes back to the waterfall box... round and round it goes. On top of the liner, there is riverbed gravel, riverbed rocks and very large rocks to line the pond with.

This is very intensive work, not to even mention the plumbing part. If you have never done a pond/stream (with fill valves et al), I wouldn't make this my first project. You may want to hire someone to put it in for you. You can buy kits on-line if you're feeling industrius, but it is A TON of digging. Find someone who specializes in AquaScape (company name of a certian type of waterfall system that works great). If you live anywhere near Arlington, I would highly recommend (which those words do NOT come lightly out of my mouth - I am VERY picky, to the extreme) Prime Landscape. They didn't install my system, but have helped me trouble shoot and do clean outs. VERY, VERY patient, detail oriented and CAREFUL with and around my daylilies.

The beds are mulched with extra fine ground hard wood mulch. I use the fine ground because it degrades faster than the regular hardwood - which I found took all of the nitrogen from the soil. Now, when I mulch, especially if it is a new bed, I amend the soil with compost, then put down a 1"-2" layer of compost on the top, then put down blood meal (or any other 100% nitrogen fertilizer) and then put the mulch. The extra nitrogen helps to break down the bottom side of the mulch (good for the soil), and keeps the nitrogen in the soil, in the soil (for the plants).

Hope this helps,


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This is my new Gardenbed

posted by: newyorkrita on 05.24.2009 at 05:27 pm in Daylily Forum

I was working on a new gardenbed section in front of the rockwall off by my pond.

I Just put annuals in as thats about all I could manage to get done for this year.

Theres Impatients, Cosmos and Marigolds in front plus I plant to put the tropical milkweeds I ordered in the back empty last row.


From The Sideyard.

from the pondside

Excuse charcoal pavers. I still have to finish ends and do some more in that general section. I used the pavers as edging and I like the way it blended in with the rockwall.


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RE: specific pink daylilies- opinions: (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: katlynnlily on 04.29.2008 at 10:33 pm in Daylily Forum

missylin, I only supplement as I plant. I wish I could have added about 1 foot of topsoil to all my beds at one time, but it would have been too expensive. If I'm planting a double fan, I dig a hole about 1 foot deep and 18 inches wide. I build a mound in the center with my hands out of my natural sandy soil (for good drainage). I sit the daylily on top of the mound, spread the roots and fill the rest of the hole with a mixture of potting soil, compost, a sprinkle of slow release fertilizer and a sprinkle of bone meal. I also use mulch on top (wood chips or pine straw). I think daylilies like our sandy soil...but water and fertilizer leaches out quickly, so we have to compensate for that. BTW, I found a garden soil that I like at Walmart made by Expert. They have 2 is for potting (too fine and mucky) and one for the garden (which I like and use for everything).


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RE: Shampoo niche vs Shampoo shelf (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: bill_vincent on 03.24.2007 at 05:55 pm in Bathrooms Forum

These are shelves

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And these are niches

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And then there are those who can't decide!

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